What’s On Our Grocery List?

Now that my rebrand is complete (YAY!) I am so excited to start sharing things on my blog + Instagram that bring me JOY! Something that you probably don’t know about me that brings me tons of joy….grocery shopping! lol! I know, not that exciting, but food & exercise are a huge part of our lives that I really don’t talk about much on my blog. I’m so excited to start introducing a little more of this part of our life to you 🙂

I’m also always just so interested in these parts of other’s lives – what do they eat every day? what does their morning routine look like? what kinds of workouts do they do? what products do they use in their skin routine? you know, all the things!

I thought it would be fun today to do a little post about what’s on our grocery list! 🙂

WHERE WE SHOP: We switch it up quite a bit! Our usual place we shop is actually Target – they have a pretty good selection of groceries, as well as home decor & clothes 😉


Hope this help some of you put together something healthy & delicious this week!! Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram to keep up with what I’m doing on the daily 🙂




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