If you follow me over on Instagram, then you know….WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! And honestly, it still does not seem real AT ALL! Today I’m telling the story of how it all happened right here on my blog & I am so excited that you are here!

We were so excited to take this picture!
Walking in the door for the first time as homeowners 🙂

First of all, Nathan and I really weren’t expecting to buy as early as we did, we were kind of thinking about looking in the fall, but when the market is crazy and a great house comes up for sale, you take action! And so we did 🙂

It kind of started the week before my family vacation – we had been pretty seriously looking at Zillow, like basically every. single. day. haha not really with the intention of buying a house quite yet, but when this house came on the market – WE COULDN’T RESIST! We had looked at only one home previously & it wasn’t great – we weren’t super excited about it or anything! But then this house came on the market and we literally left vacation early to come tour it!

We were soooooo excited that we brought our air mattress over for the night haha
Morning light coming through out living area windows 🙂 we taped everything to start painting!

To be honest, from the pictures I wasn’t thinking this house would be the one we actually ended up with, but once we stepped in the door it was COMPLETELY different from the pictures. The layout was way different than we thought, it has 5 potential bedrooms (not just 3, as it was listed), and the outdoor space is literally out of this world for our price range! We fell in love right away & immediately put an offer on it – it was exactly what we were looking for & need in this stage of life. I TRULY believe that God literally ‘opened the door’ for us to the opportunity with this house! Meant to be 😉

view of the living area – the old paint was a yellow-ish color! And yes, the carpet is as soft as it looks!

Putting an offer down was pretty nerve-wracking because we didn’t know what to expect, but honestly our realtor made it SO easy for us. She handled everything and made sure we knew what we needed to know in order to feel comfortable – it took about an hour to sign papers and actually put the offer down. At this point, I was excited, but nothing seemed real because there are so many different things that have to happen in order to get an offer accepted and actually end up with the house!

Painting our little hearts out! My mom, Nathan, and myself painted for like 8 hours straight – it was worth it in the end!

After a night of excitement and nerves, we found out at 10AM the next day that our offer was accepted! We were so excited, but I was still sooo skeptical lol I just knew that this meant the negotiations started – and so they began! Within the offer, we asked them to pay for closing costs & that it be contingent on an inspector coming over to check the house. They agreed! I would highly recommend getting your own inspector to check things around the house.

After the inspector came, we asked for the sellers to fix a few things and they gladly did! We tried to focus on asking for bigger things that we knew would be pricey and we decided to fix the small things that the inspector found! It took a few days for all of these negotiations to be worked through & then they worked on fixing things the next couple of weeks. It was almost a month exactly from the day we put down an offer to our closing date!!! Which I’ve heard is a super quick turn-around, but we were so ready for it!

Honestly, had not even started packing until 3 days before we moved lol!! But it all worked out! My parents came to help and one of our friends brought a trailer so we wouldn’t have to rent a UHAUL – so nice! The day after we closed we taped the trim and bought all of the paint for the main level of our house – PSA: paint is EXPENSIVE! lol

After getting things taped and paint bought, we painted for what seemed like forever lol and then we did a big move-in day! We were so excited to just get everything in the house, even if it’s just in boxes all over the place! We feel so blessed for the opportunity to even buy a house at this point in our lives & are SO EXCITED for all of the projects coming up 🙂 it has been pretty crazy around here – especially figuring out alllllll the lawn care things lol but getting to learn all of this with Nathan has been my absolute favorite part!

Got real serious with painting lol!
Cal got a little sleepy haha hallway looks completely different!
Love how the color turned out 🙂


  • Take the ‘window wall’ out in the kitchen & add wood flooring through the kitchen/dining area
  • Change hardware & backsplash in kitchen
  • Rip carpet out of my office & add vinyl floor / update light fixture
  • Paint office & change mirrors/light fixtures
  • Get new exterior house numbers
  • Change curtains throughout house
  • White wash fireplace on lower level & paint the built-ins
  • MAJOR makeover on the lower level guest bedroom (it’s bright blue right now haha)

These are the bigger projects we’re looking at working on for this next year and I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely cannot wait to show you guys the progress, too! Be watching over on my Instagram for updates 🙂




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