Waco, TX Travel Guide!

Happy Tuesday, sweetest readers!

My Waco, Texas travel guide is LIVE and I’m so excited to share all of this!!! My friends Shelby, Kristen, and I had so many fun adventures in Waco and I just cannot wait to share them all with you.  My friends, Shelby, actually lives in Waco, so she really knew all of the ‘local’ things to do in the area which was SO nice. I’m sharing with you everything from places to stay to shopping to coffee to activities and everything in between – I’m so happy you’re here to take a look at my Waco Travel Guide!


Waco has a bunch of different places to stay, but I would definitely recommend looking into airbnbs first!! There have been plenty of renovated homes that would make the perfect place to stay while traveling – some are even ones that Chip & Jo have flipped! I’ve linked a few cute ones that I found here!

  • Airbnbs – I am totally in love with this tiny home you can stay in & this one!!
  • Boutique Hotel – If you’re more of a hotel person, this is an adorable boutique hotel on Baylor’s campus!
  • Magnolia Properties – If you are coming with a big group of friends or family, you could definitely consider staying in one of the Magnolia properties. They really are gorgeous!
Gorgeous Magnolia Bed and Breakfast near Waco, TX! Lovely farmhouse style Bed and Breakfast.
This is the bed & breakfast that Chip and Jo renovated!


Coffee…my love language! I love how my best friends also love coffee as much as I do, so Shelby had coffee shops prepared for us to stop by! The first coffee shop we stopped at is right by Baylor’s campus – Common Grounds! Absolutely loved this place and it would be so easy to grab a coffee & go for a stroll on Baylor’s campus at the same time! We actually went there twice (it was that good!!)) and I got an iced caramel latte w/ an extra shot & the second day I got an iced ’no bull’ – their specialty coffee! It was so good!

Next we went to Dychotomy, which was a super cute coffee shop that sells alcoholic beverages at night! Here I also got an iced caramel latte w/ an extra shot – amazing! A little more expensive than Common Grounds, but so worth it & the atmosphere is perfect!

You can also grab a coffee at Magnolia Table by going to their coffee stand! I grabbed an iced Lavender Latte while we waited for our seats inside, but if you don’t want to wait in line to eat in Magnolia Table, it’s the perfect place to go to grab a coffee, pastry, and get some pictures 🙂

  • Common Grounds {Iced Caramel Latte / Iced No Bull }
  • Dychotomy { Iced Caramel Latte }
  • Magnolia Table coffee stand {Iced Lavender Latte)}


We tried a few different places while we were in Waco, but we did eat breakfast and a couple meals at home! The first restaurant we went to was actually a food truck at the Silos 🙂 a perfect first stop for lunch when you get there – it was called the Cheddar Box & their specialty is grilled cheese sandwiches! So fun, right?! I got The Boss grilled cheese and I will say that it did not disappoint! 

After lunch we waited in line to get a cupcake from the Silos Baking Co & yes, it’s totally worth the wait. Lemon Lavender Cupcake is delish!

Delicious Lemon Lavender cupcake from Silos Baking Co in Waco, TX!
Best cupcake ever!

For lunch on Sunday we headed towards downtown Waco and went to a local fave, Coach’s Smoke. It kind of gave me a sports themed vibe – super fun! I’m sure it’s packed on Baylor game days 🙂 Here I got the BBQ Chicken Salad and it was SO GOOD. Honestly, best chicken salad I have had in a long time lol highly recommend!

Monday we went to Magnolia Table, which was incredible! We did have to wait for an hour and a half, but you can leave and go do other things during that time, so we explored Baylor’s campus a bit! You can also hang out in the coffee/pastry area that I was talking about earlier 🙂 I got a seasonal dish here – Lemon Blueberry pancakes – INCREDIBLE! Definitely recommend their pancakes and I’ve head their avocado toast is another fan favorite. 

Delicious breakfast at Magnolia Table - Lemon Blueberry pancakes with peppered bacon and homemade hashbrowns!
The most delish breakfast…

Monday night we went to J Petal, which is a Poke (like sushi, but in a bowl). If you’re a raw sushi lover, you will love this place! They also have Thai rolled ice cream.

Yummy poke bowl at J Petal in Waco, TX!
Poke Bowl!

If you have a sweet tooth – Silos Baking Co & Pokey O’s icecream are the places to be!!

  • Coach’s Smoke {BBQ Chicken Salad}
  • J Petal { Hawaiian Poke Bowl }
  • Magnolia Table { Lemon Blueberry Pancakes / Avocado Toast / Iced Lavender Latte }
  • Cheddar Box { gourmet grilled cheese – THE BOSS }
  • Silos Baking Co. { Lemon Lavender Cupcake}
  • Pokey O’s Ice cream


SO many great places to shop and explore – I loved them all! The Findery is kind of like a decor store / clothing store / goodies all in one! There are 2 different sections of it and it’s super fun to look around.

The Magnolia Store at the Silos is obviously a fun place to look around – if you’re there on a weekend, it may be a little crowded! 

Spice Village is a Waco Classic as they say! It’s a cute warehouse type space with tons of different vendors.

Homestead Heritage is definitely one to have at the top of your list. It’s basically this little town thats self sustaining and the people there make everything…literally everything that they have! And they sell it in the most adorable little shops. They also have a restaurant!

  • The Findery 
  • Magnolia Store
  • Spice Village
  • Homestead Heritage
  • Campus Store


There really tons of various activities that you can do while in Waco! Some of my faves were The Silos, walking around Baylor campus, Cameron Park, and Homestead Heritage.

Gorgeous Baylor campus!
  • The Silos
  • Walk around Baylor Campus
  • River Walk down to the Baylor stadium
  • Drive Around & look at the fixer upper homes
  • Rent kayaks / canoes
  • Dr. Pepper Museum
  • Homestead Heritage 
  • Cameron Park
  • Murals


Here are just a few of the clothing pieces & accessories I took with me to Waco! They all worked out perfectly!

I hope my little travel guide helps make your trip to Waco, TX so wonderful and the best time! If you’d like to keep up with all of my travel adventures – follow me on Instagram! I’m usually posting stories here throughout our trips 🙂 and you’ll definitely want to follow along, as Nathan and I are heading to Colorado this weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by & reading today – come again soon!




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