Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

Wow, friends. What a crazy WEEK it has been!  SO thankful that I get to just sit and write and be creative.  I have so much to share with you today as I campaign with WAYFAIR on this blog post – my Top 5 Resolutions in Decor!

It’s the new year and a new you, right?  A new year brings new goals, new formed habits, and most importantly a new freshness – a new start to a great new year!  You know what else it can bring?  NEW DECOR! Maybe not even decor, but a change in your home of some sort.  Maybe you need to clean out that overflowing master closet that you’ve been meaning to do for months (guilty! here are my fave baskets that would work great for closet organization!).  Or perhaps your pantry has had a major organization crisis! Don’t worry, everyone has that one (or a few lol) things that need a good tending to once the new year is here!  In today’s posts I’ll be sharing my Top 5 Resolutions in Decor and why I think you should create your own!

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My first resolution in decor of 2018 is to brighten up my home!  This could mean anything from painting your walls or furniture a more light and neutral color to grabbing some new window treatments!  I don’t know about you, but I just love a light and bright home.  There is just something about waking up in the morning & everything being so fresh and cheerful that makes my heart happy! One thing I am going to do to brighten my little home is paint our TV stand.  Right now it’s a very dark stain, but everything else that we have is more of a neutral or white shade.  I’m thinking of either going with a pretty, light gray stain or an off-white! Guys, I need your help….I seriously cannot decide! Comment below with your vote. 🙂

Something similar to this!:

Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

Or……this!:Tops 5 Decor Resolutions

Picture by Team Sutton Designs

Curtains can also make a huge difference in brightening up your home – if you have curtains that are made from dark-colored, super heavy material, then of course they are going to darken your home!  Try going for light, neutral colored curtains made of lighter material.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Other pieces to brighten your beautiful home:


Decluttering is a HUGE problem-solver if you’re feeling like your space is a little cramped or just feeling too overwhelming in your home.  Maybe you have your home decorated, but you’re feeling there might be too much – you can always declutter and start over with a fresh, clean space!   I would try to declutter >>>

Closets: Go through all of your clothes and really try to decide what clothes you actually wear and which pieces you could probably live without (warning: this is way harder than it sounds lol!).  The clothes that you don’t want anymore can be either be donated or try selling them online!

 Pantry/Cupboards: Sort through and get rid of all of your old food that may have been shoved to the back of the pantry! We all have a stale box of cereal hiding back there somewhere. 😉

Walls: Sometimes our walls can get filled up with decor and we don’t even know it! Take a good look at your wall decor & decide whether or not this needs decluttered and freshened up!

There are definitely other spaces to think about decluttering, but these are just a few that I keep focused on!


Starting with a new year means getting to start over.  What better way to start over than getting back to the basics?!  When you neutralize your home at the beginning of the year, you can really get a feel for what you’re aiming towards.  Are you wanting to add a certain accent color this year?  Do you need to repaint the walls in a specific room to make your home more fresh?  Is there a certain piece of furniture you noticed that you needed (like this gorgeous chair that I’m dying to have lol)?

This year I have decided one of my major Top 5 Resolutions in Decor is to neutralize my decor & furniture – luckily, WAYFAIR has some gorgeous choices for neutral decor & accessories!!! I guess you could say that all of the items below are definitely on my wishlist this year……:) um, do y’all seeee that cozy knit throw?! It’s calling my name!

I think it is so great to have neutral decor pieces to mellow out the colored pieces, for example, I have those Seagrass baskets and I love them.  They keep my blankets in order and they are neutral enough to be in any space in our home!

throw blanket
Cranford Throw
Knitted Pillow Cover
Peyton Pillow Cover
Seagrass baskets
Fairport Seagrass Baskets
Cheval Mirror with Crystal Knobs
Cheval Mirror with Crystal Knobs
Parisian Bottle Glass Table Vase
Parisian Bottle Glass Table Vase
Floor lamp
Doris 54in. Floor Lamp
Welcome doormat
Amettes Coir Doormat
Seagrass Basket with Handles
Seagrass Basket with Handles
3 shelf bookcase
Cyril Standard Bookcase
Damask Semi-Opaque Rod Pocket Curtain Panels
Livio Damask Semi-Opaque Curtain Panels
Wingback Chair
Jewel Wingback Chair
Ivory and silver area rug
Reynolds Ivory/Silver Area Rug

Create Coziness

This might be my favorite of all of the decor resolutions I have chosen for this year. 🙂 Creating a cozy feel is what The Grace Gathered Home is about! Being cozy and comfortable in your own home is so important! Have you heard about creating a ‘hygge’?  Creating a hygge is basically the Danish concept of creating a cozy space or nook with chunky throw blankets, warm lighting, candles, outdoor elements (greenery stems), cozy clothes, coffee or tea in hand – all the cozy things! (if you want to see examples of hygge, follow me on Pinterest & look at my ‘hygge‘ board!) Right now as we speak I am hygge-ing! I’m curled up in a cozy blanket with a lamp turned on and candles – and of course my favorite cozy clothes!  Just remember that being cozy is not about having the most perfect home, it’s about taking in those cozy, warm, and joyful moments.

Here are some essentials to hygge-ing or creating coziness in your home 🙂 :

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Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

Two of my favorite candles for slowing down & decompressing:

Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

Bring the outdoor element in with these simple wreaths:

The perfect mugs to get your coziness on: 

Top 5 Resolutions in Decor

The book of Hygge and my current favorite:


Comfy, Cozy clothes:


Organize, organize, organize….that is all I can say!  Being organized when starting the new year out makes a world of difference, I can’t even believe it! This resolution of mine is similar to decluttering, but more about getting your home into tip-top shape to start off the new year.  Y’all, when it comes to organization I can kind of be an organization freak lol. Confession: when I was 10 I decided I was going to color-coordinate my clothes in my closet & organize everything by color and sleeve length.  It happened! And still does!

Here are the ways I am keeping my home (& life) organized in 2018:

  1.  Using storage bins & baskets – these come in handy in so many different areas in your home!  They can be used in you closet, pantry, living room, office, seriously anywhere! I even made a blog post all about my favorite baskets! Take a look below: Farmhouse Style Baskets
  2. Organizing your makeup/hair products/beauty products/all random little things: This one was tough because sometimes these things are just hard to keep organized! I found that using jars for brushes & smaller items really helped!  Since most of us are getting ready with all of these products at the beginning of the day, it just adds a refreshing beginning touch! Here are some organization pieces for your makeup:

  3. Invest in a GOOD planner: I cannot stress this enough! I have used the Day Designer planner for 2 years now and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s a little on the pricey side, but it is SO worth it.  This planner is organized by the hour, so you can really get down to planning and has plenty of room to write down tasks or to-do lists! Isn’t this the cutest planner?! Click on the picture below to be taken to the website to get your new planner 🙂 Top 5 Resolutions in DecorFriends, thank you SO much for stopping by and reading about my campaign with WAYFAIR!  Having resolutions for the new year is important, but have you ever thought of having resolutions for your home?  It’s one of the BEST ways to get all set for the new year!

All the best,

xo, Tristen


  1. I love these and there are some I definitely need to implement as well. Just over a year into our new home and there’s still so much to do. Thanks for the fantastic article.

    • says:

      Thank you so much – I hope you can use these tips to your benefit! Good luck with putting your home together 🙂 I know how hard that can be!

  2. Erica says:

    Personally, I like the grey color better with a white wall background for the dresser. Your advice on clear out the pantry is definitely a must for Soring for me. Great blog and collaboration with Wayfair.

    • says:

      I agree, Erica! I’m thinking I like the grey better as well. Thanks for the input! And thank you so much – it was really fun to collaborate with them!


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