Our Tiny Home Getaway

As most of you know, Nathan & I took a little weekend adventure to stay in a tiny-home for the weekend!  Since we knew he would be traveling all week for work, we figured we better celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early 🙂  by staying in the dreamiest, coziest little place of ALL time.  But our tiny home getaway sure didn’t start out that way…..

So, Saturday morning we woke up to finish up our last minute packing (we’re procrastinators with packing haha). Making sure we had everything we needed to make our stay in the tiny home super magical! I made sure to bring bulb lights & a french press to make things extra special (because twinkly lights automatically make everything 10x better).

Our Tiny Home Getaway

see, the tinkly lights made it soooo much cozier 

After we finished getting packed, we were ready to hit the road to finally get to our tiny home getaway! Everything was great – we were trucking right along on I-10, just 3 exits away from the exit we needed to be at and we hit construction….no biggie, right? They’ll just re-route us on some side road and we’ll get there on perfect time still!  Oh no, ohhhhh no…that’s not how the roads work here in Texas.

We weren’t only re-routed away from the road, we were re-routed through a tiny town 20 MINUTES away from where we needed to be….at this point I was just thinking to myself how my life is just one big LOL….like seriously, of course this would happen. All I could think was “great, we’re missing out on our magical weekend”, “what if we can’t even get there?”, etc….you know, all of the thoughts you have when something goes not as planned haha.  But thankfully my hubby is VERY good with figuring our shortcuts and using backroads and after over an hour of trying to get to our exit, we finally made it!

When we pulled up, we were just a little confused on how to find the tiny home lol.  We didn’t realize that this is the actual site that they build all of these vintage tiny homes!  There were half-built homes and pieces of scrap wood ALL over the place!  It was actually really awesome to see.  Something so unique about these houses is that they are made from 95% salvage wood from around Texas….isn’t that amazing?! And guys, these homes are gorgeous.

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Our Tiny Home Getaway

Here is our little home! It was so cloudy, so pictures aren’t all that magical 🙁 

Our Tiny Home Getaway

the front porch had the cutest little set-up…look at this vintage chairs!

Our Tiny Home Getaway

Calum also really loved the front porch 🙂 

Our Tiny Home Getaway

in love with these floors…..& those puppy paws 🙂 

Our Tiny Home GetawayWhen we first got there we were just totally blown away by how beautiful and cozy this tiny home was.  Guys, I mean seriously – it was soooo cozy and the pictures totally do not do it justice! The outside of the home was this really pretty mint color with other shades of blue as accents! And y’all, THAT DOOR.  I already have an obsession with doors and this one definitely made the list!

Our Tiny Home Getaway

Our first order of business was to #1 get our car unpacked & #2 make COFFEE!  You all know that I have a crazy obsession with coffee, especially french press coffee.  So, we started our fire and boiled some water (we have this dutch oven & french press to take on camping-type trips with us)!  There wasn’t a full kitchen in the tiny-home so we built a fire to make all of our food.

Our Tiny Home Getaway


Our Tiny Home Getaway

This is the view when you first walk in to the tiny home!  You basically see everything lol.  A little view of the kitchen, the ladder up to the loft, and the bottom-floor bed! Up above the kitchen/bathroom is the loft – the dreamiest spot in the whole tiny home!  Here we just sat & talked over coffee and good food.  It was so cozy and such a perfect spot to spend quality time with Nathan.

This picture really shows you how beautiful the walls are.  Half of the walls were shiplap (be still my heart) & the other half was painted & distressed salvage wood.  It was such a charming combination of wood!

Our Tiny Home GetawayOur Tiny Home Getaway

this is the wall directly to the left when you walk in – just very simple and bright! 

Our Tiny Home Getaway

another gorgeous old door. this is the door to the bathroom! 


Now friends, THIS was my favorite part of the whole tiny home (within all 200 sq. feet of it haha!) – THE LOFT! It was seriously so beautiful.  Looking up at the ceiling, you see more painted and distressed wood – how beautiful!  But then you look out over the living area of the tiny home and the placement of the doors + windows just make it so bright & dreamy! This was my view waking up in the morning…..

Our Tiny Home Getaway

Our Tiny Home Getawaydoes it get any cozier?!?!

Our Tiny Home Getaway

pro tip for anyone who stays in a tiny home for a weekend getaway — bring twinkly lights! These made the space about 100x cozier and made for dreamy pictures!

My Favorite Details

Our Tiny Home Getaway

This wall collage was in the kitchen and in person it’s way more beautiful.  It’s just an assortment of vintage pieces, including 2 vintage champagne glasses!

Our Tiny Home Getaway

This piece is in the entry way and I think it’s probably my favorite vintage piece in the tiny home! It’s made of an old piece of crafted wood that’s distressed with some vintage knobs added to it!

Overall, this weekend was the absolute greatest! I would highly highly recommend staying in a tiny-home if you love dreamy adventures.  And being super cozied up with your hubby 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our tiny home adventure!  Follow my Instagram & Facebook to keep in touch and come on our next adventure with us to Fredericksburg, TX in a couple of weeks!!!

Until next time –

xo, Tristen


  1. Michelle says:

    I can’t get over how adorable that little house is!

  2. Beth says:

    Oh. My. Gosh!!! That door! The shiplap! I love following the tiny home tend, and this one looks like the perfect getaway space! Twinkle lights ftw!!

  3. Tabitha says:

    This tiny honme is the cutest! I never knew you could rent them out! Perfect for wanting the tiny house for only a shirt time!

  4. Sara Parliament says:

    That is an adventure!!! The more surprises the better the story.


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