The Cutest Airbnb Ever

Gorgeous white exterior of a fun airbnb. White exterior with beautiful vintage doors. Cozy getaway. Travel getaway! Hey loves! It’s finally Friday!!!

There is just something that always feels good about the weekend being here! We don’t have a ton of plan for our weekend – just relaxing & hanging out with some friends! This week was a little bit different for us & if you read on my post on Wednesday, you know that N & I traveled together this week! He travels sometimes for his

job and I mostly work from home, so we decided to have a little fun with his travel schedule this week & stay in the cutest airbnb EVER.  And when I say it’s the cutest – I mean it!

Gorgeous white exterior of a fun airbnb. White exterior with beautiful vintage doors. Cozy getaway. Travel getaway!

Small cabin type house with white exterior and fun front porch. Fire pit and hammock. White exterior cottage with rustic doors.

Nathan’s territory for his job is kind of all over the place – he is a sales rep & takes care of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.  This week we were in Iowa & I didn’t have anything on my calendar that I had to be Omaha for, so I decided to go with! On Monday I knew that he had planned on traveling and I just had the idea to look up airbnb’s in his area! Guys – I cannot believe what I found! It’s literally a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere Iowa – The Corn Crib – the cutest airbnb I have ever stayed in.

Rustic doors in a private getaway. Old vintage/rustic doors.

This little cottage or cabin was actually more beautiful in person than any pictures online or that I could capture.  It was nestled on a little hill by this small farm overlooking a forest area & a big park.  It used to be anolder small barn on a farm & the owner transformed it into a beautiful getaway! On the outside it had a big fire pit, a cozy hammock, and a large porch.  The porch was facing the opposite side of the house as the owners home, so it was all very private and comfortable!

Gorgeous white exterior of a fun airbnb. White exterior with beautiful vintage doors. Cozy getaway. Travel getaway!

The outside of The Corn Crib was just about the more adorable thing I have ever seen! All white, pretty stone around the front, and the most gorgeous doors I have EVER seen.  Everything about the exterior of this cozy place was right up my ally in terms of design!

The inside was well laid out I thought for what used to be an old small barn.  It had everything you needed! There were 3 bedrooms, so you could sleep 7 people. A full living room, smart TV, coffee bar, complete kitchen, and a super nice shower! I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at this place and I just kept “ooo-ing & ahhh-ing” over everything lol! Sections of the ceiling were vaulted, so it really gave it an open feel & I felt comfortable as soon as we got there!

Nathan & I are really trying to be a little more adventurous with the season of life that we are in right now – especially since we don’t have a family yet (well, we do have Calum 🙂 lol)!  And I saw this as the perfect opportunity to travel to a new place together & we found out so much about this tiny Iowan town.  Right down the road from our stay there is a big lake with biking & hiking trails and fishing! In the winter there is snow-shoeing and ice fishing – how fun is that?! Then we saw that there are about 5 vineyards/wineries in the area,so we will definitely be back lol.  When we lived in Houston, TX we spent a long weekend in a small wine town called Fredericksburg and we had the best time ever! You can read about it here.

Overall we had the best time at this little place & I cannot wait to go back! I would recommend it to anyone! And – if you’re new to airbnb you can actually get $40 of travel credit if you book it with my link! The one thing I would say when you’re booking a place is to always read the reviews! I’ve never stayed in a bad airbnb and I think it’s because I always take my time to see what people are saying about it.

Hopefully I have passed the travel bug along to you & I cannot wait to keep traveling myself! I’d love to here anything & everything about your travel stories, so remember that you can always contact me by email – – I LOVE connecting with y’all!

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    What a dreamy unexpected place to vacation at – I love the exterior!


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