Rae Dunn on a Budget

Original picture credit to chippy.paint.and.grace on Instagram. Go follow her!

Rae Dunn is ALL of the rage today amongst anyone that has anything to do with Farmhouse Style.  Literally it is EVERYWHERE & it is so beautiful.  If you’re like me, you might not have a ton of money to spend on Rae Dunn (insert sad face emoji), but that’s what happens when you get married at 20 and are still in college….lol.

I have done some research & just kind of looked around at different ways I could (maybe) save on Rae Dunn – I have definitely found a few good ways & I’m going to share 🙂  My first ever Rae Dunn purchase was actually last week, so this is super exciting to me!

*affiliate links following!

MY FIRST PURCHASE – I bought these ADORABLE dog bowls for $5.99 each at TJ MAXX!!! I was pretty excited that I came across these – unfortunately, they didn’t have much for mugs, plates, bowls, etc…My TJ MAXX had a couple mugs exactly like this mug for only $4.99. So if you are lucky & snag one of these specific mugs, you get a super great deal!

Etsy is another place that I have seen some really great deals on Rae Dunn, but typically Rae Dunn-inspired pieces. Sometimes you kind of have to be on the lookout for a good deal, but I just saw this ‘Faith’ mug for as low as $15 on Etsy!

Amazon is also a site where you can find some good deals on Rae Dunn – you really have to keep your eye out, but they are there, I promise!  This adorable Rae Dunn Hubby & Wifey Set of (2) Mugs By Magenta for $45 on Amazon!! I would say that is a preeetttyyy good deal for two mugs that are somewhat ‘personalized’.

Thanks for reading, sweet friends!

xo, Tristen




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