My Heart Lately + Wingback Chairs Under $300

Happy Tuesday, sweetest friends! I am so glad you are stopping in today because WOW I am just so thankful for you all! Lately life has been crazy, but so much fun! We are slowly but surely getting familiar with the different parts and places in Omaha since our move from Houston, TX. We recently explored a really cute older area right by where we live and we have been loving going down there! There are little antique stores, coffee shops, and fun wine tasting places with the cutest outdoor areas! Today I wanted to share something a little different – My Heart Lately + Wingback Chairs Under $300!  Two things that have been on my mind lately! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Moving is kind of a funny thing – especially when it comes to your home and if you’re living in apartments/rentals (you can read a little about our move here!).  It’s funny just because you take so much time to decorate and create a cozy space in this little home of yours to basically pack up everything in a year or two and move again! Then the process starts allllllll over. I think sometimes I struggle with this concept and think ‘what’s the point of re-decorating or creating a cozy home if we’re just going to move all over again?”.  But oh friends, curating a cozy space for you and your family is so important, but there is something more to the picture.

Something I have really had to take in over the past 6 months is that your home does not have to be your forever home to be cozy or decorated.  When we moved into our first apartment, I was so excited to decorate our own space.  I just couldn’t wait to call this place our own and I did just that! I went ALL OUT for decorating.  We honestly moved so many decorations down to Houston with us – it was probably a little over the top (Nathan definitely thought so lol!).  But something changed when we found out we were moving back to Nebraska.  I didn’t feel the same passion and excitement to curate a cozy space in our new apartment! I just kept thinking to myself – ‘why would I do that decorating all over again?” or “we really just need an actual house before I put effort into making this space cozy”.  But one day I was just sitting in our empty apartment in Omaha and it kind of hit me – I was focusing so much on having a perfectly decorated apartment (& it was stressing me out!) that I forgot what having a home is truly about.

When we got married I had all of these ideas and visions of just how perfect our home was going to be all the time.  It was going to be decorated perfectly with the most beautiful pieces and furniture.  I thought that I would make sure that it was in tip-top shape every single day and that it was never ever going to get messy. (LOL) And I don’t even want to talk about the laundry situation – it was not what I thought it would be at all…..haha!!  All of these thoughts were getting in the way of the reality that God had laid on my heart that afternoon. That having a cozy/decorated home and apartment is important, but glorifying God with your home is the ultimate goal.

I really started to think about what we were doing in our apartment, instead of how it looked.   I began to think about how we could better open up our home to friends and family and making it comfortable for them! Sometimes it takes getting off track for a few days for God to bring you back to reality.  And it’s kind of funny – as soon as I began to focus on what really happens in our home is when I really got excited about making it our own again! Lately I have been putting together our master bedroom & office space and loving every minute! You can see more about that on Instagram!

I just always need to remind myself that ultimately our home is not just the place/apartment/house/RV/room we are in, but our home is truly the people within it & how Nathan and I are serving them and each-other.

Something I have been looking to add to our little apartment is a wingback chair! I have searched all of my favorite places to get you guys a ton of different choices 🙂 and they are all UNDER $300!

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A collection of affordable, neutral, wingback chairs under $300. Modern farmhouse style furniture. Neutral furniture style board.

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