How to Pair Throw Pillows

Oh friends, it is SO close to being Spring – it is literally RIGHT around the corner.  We just have to be patient! Well…kind of haha.  Spring always give me a fresh & new feeling – the best feeling.  It seems like the outdoors really begin to come alive in the spring.  That’s when we see some of the most beautiful flowers growing.  The weather begins to change to a refreshing temperature.  And I just always feel like homes become brighter & better – especially with spring cleaning (yikes).  Spring might possibly be my favorite season to decorate for with its pastel tones & neutrals.  I am such a neutral girl!  But anyways, today on the blog I’m talking to you guys about How to Pair Throw Pillows!

One thing that can always make a space brighter, cozier, and comfier for spring is a throw pillow (or 10)!  Without throw pillows, what would we have to lay our head on when we take a Sunday afternoon couch snooze? I don’t know either! Today I’m going to give you a guide to pairing some of the most perfect throw pillows for Spring! Most of these are pillows are perfect for not only Spring, but for really any season!  I just wanted to give you a quick & easy guide on How to Pair Throw Pillows to make it simple + give a few tips I have gathered!

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Just a few tips for pairing pillows –

#1 – when you’re pairing a few different pillows on a couch or bed, try to add some variance and/or texture.  So for example, a striped pillow would pair nicely with a solid color pillow + textured pillow.  Or if you wanted to stick to all very neutral/toned-down pillows just add a little more texture.

#2 – use the same two pillows on either end of your couch – known as ‘bookending’.  These are generally the largest pillow on your couch or sectional.  Matching pillows in each corner are always gorgeous!

#3 – try to find pillows that you won’t get sick or tired of – ex.  too bright or crazy design.  It’s nice when you have a decent collection of pillows to choose from to change up & mix/match!

#4 – if the pillows can be switched up between the rooms in your home…..score!

How to Pair Throw Pillows

scroll to shop the pillows i used in this style board!:

I hope this little style guide helps you create a comfy, cozy space for spring that you absolutely LOVE! And want to nap in haha.  You know you can always contact me here with any kinds of questions or just anything!

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all my love –


  1. Hayden says:

    These are such great tips! I always struggle with pairing pillows on my couch and just ask my husband to do it, his placement looks so effortless. I’ll have to give these a go!

  2. Melissa says:

    Love you blog! Thanks for sharing

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Love the options!!! Such great combos!!

  4. Heather says:

    What a great selection of pillows!! I love all the different textures and colors and you have paired them all perfectly!

  5. Loved the article, love your blog thanks for sharing the luxury couch pillows advice.


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