How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway – In the Spring

As many of you know, N & I took a trip out to the Texas Hill Country to explore the cutest German wine town – Fredericksburg, Texas! If any of you have been there I would LOVE to hear your favorite parts of this little town! In just 3 short days we fell completely in LOVE with this place – the food, the shops, the adorable B&Bs, the vineyards, the people, the food….;) haha.  It was nothing short of amazing & I am so excited to share all about it with you on Thursday!

Today I thought I would do a post on How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway – especially to the Texas Hill Country!  Sometimes the weather there can be a little confusing! When we left for the trip, the forecast was sunny & 75 allllll weekend. A dream.  But when we woke up Saturday morning we weren’t necessarily prepared for a cooler day! Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful out, but I would have liked to have had a few more warm clothing items! We made it through, but we could have been just a little more prepared haha.

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

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A few things about these items – I always try to pack outfits.  So for this trip I packed an activewear outfit, a casual outfit, a casual/dressy outfit, and a dress!  I packed a couple of extra things like another top & pair of jeans, but I usually try to keep it simple when I’m packing! The extras at the bottom are complete game changers – the 2 things we always bring with us are our nice camera and a bluetooth speaker! They are both so nice to have, especially if you have a private little front porch like we did – grab your cup of coffee & turn on your speaker outside! It’s a little tough figuring out how to pack for a weekend getaway in the Texas Hill Country because sometimes you don’t know what you’ll get in terms of weather!  We learned that the hard way….lol

Things I wish I would’ve packed:

#1: An actual coat….

You think I would know by now to just bring a coat/jacket with me wherever I go! Lol Not that it was freezing while we were there, but at night and when it was sprinkling outside it definitely would have been nice to have had a jacket to throw on! Unfortunately,  I only brought a thin pullover for when we hiked Enchanted Rock!

#2: Umbrella…

Another weather related thing lol.  Thankfully on Main Street there are a ton of shops with awnings and cute shops/restaurants to go in, but I just wish we would have had the umbrella for the couple hours that it was sprinkling!

#3: A small backpack….

Sometimes it got tiring to carry my purse around on my arm all day & it would have been nice to have a small hiking backpack on the last day to keep water in at Enchanted Rock! I have this one and I LOVE it! It has a special pouch to keep water in, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around bottles!

Top 3 things I brought:

#1: A nice camera: The one thing I ALWAYS bring on trips whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation is my nice Canon camera!  I have a Canon Rebel T6 & I absolutely love it! It’s perfect to bring along and it’s easy to carry around, too. Having a nice camera on-hand is just good to have around for those shots that you’re worried about missing!  Having a phone is great for pictures too, but sometimes you just want a little bit better quality of a picture! I would definitely recommend this Canon camera! And a selfie stick is always a good thing to bring too 🙂

#2: Comfortable Shoes:

 While we were in Fredericksburg we did SO much walking! We walked Mainstreet & looked at all of the different restaurants and shops.  We explored our B&B and the area around it!  Went out to vineyards and walked around &, we hiked Enchanted Rock, which was absolutely beautiful!  I brought my New Balance shoes along & I am so glad that I did! After a day of walking around in sandals, my feet needed to cushion! Comfy shoes are always a must, even if you only wear them for a few hours!

#3: A versatile piece of clothing:

How to Pack for a Weekend GetawayI always try to bring one piece of clothing that can be used for a couple different outfits during me trip and I decided to bring a cardigan on this one that could be either dressed up with denim or dressed down with yogas.  The is a simple cardigan that can be paired with comfy or dressy clothes! It’s perfect for all occasions!

If you want to follow all of my travel adventures closely make sure to follow me on Instagram & watch my stories! And keep a close watch because on Thursday I will be sharing alllll about our Fredericksburg adventure!  Thank you so much for stopping by, friends!

All my love –

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