My Christmas Gifts + New Year Goals

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I am so glad you are here today 🙂 I really am so thankful for all of you and as I reflect on 2018 I can’t help but tear up at just how blessed I really am by all of you. Because of each of you I get to do what I love and run this little blog of mine – Grace Gathered Home.

Gorgeous boho apartment living area with rust colored floor cushions and a multi-colored vintage rug from Target.

Today I’m sharing a couple of different things with you – 1) What I got for Christmas!! I just think it’s so fun to give gifts and it’s also fun to see what everyone else gets and is excited about! 2) I’m sharing a couple of my personal + blog/business goals with you! The goals that I have set out to achieve this next year are definitely attainable with a little determination & discipline.

My Christmas Gifts

Nathan & I also got giftcards to Lululemon (eek!) & I haven’t quite bought anything, but Nathan got these joggers & these running shorts. He’s been wearing them like everyday, so you knowww he loves them lol. I did a little questionaire on Instagram & you ladies told me that the Align leggings are amazing & also the Wunder Under leggings. Suuuper excited to try both of these! I think I’ll go into the store and try both of these on, just to see what’s a better fit – I’ll keep you guys updated over on IG as to what I decide 🙂

We were so blessed this Christmas with so many different celebrations with family & friends to celebrate the birth & love of our Savior! We celebrated one big family Christmas with my family and then another big Christmas with my in-laws! It was basically like 2 Christmas festivals back to back and it was wonderful:) Nathan took a couple of weeks off from work and it was sooo nice to get to spend an extended amount of time just resting & having fun with family + friends!

After Christmas we moved into the new year where we both started off 2019 by battling colds…lol it was bound to happen after all of the festivities! But while we had a few restful days I was really able to think about some of my person & blog goals for the new year:

2019 GOALS

Fitness: drink more water!!! I know that sounds like a simple goal, but it’s not easy! I’ve already been drinking more water in the first couple weeks of the new year & I feel better than ever! My skin feels good, I have more energy, and I have almost no bloating at all throughout the day – & I’m drinking a significantly larger amount of water each day now compared to what I usually do. This Hydro Flask is the perfect water bottle to make this goal a reality! I love the 40oz. bottle!

Home: Add more color 🙂 I am sooo excited about this one! I have already started doing this with our living area – I added this rug and these floor cushions! Seriously, both a total game changer. We’ve also really started praying about buying a house. We thought that we were going to be able to about 6 months ago, but we just didn’t feel ready yet & the market in Omaha is totally insane. We also wanted to make sure we were familiar with the different areas in Omaha and which one would suit us best! We definitely have a better understanding of that now 🙂

Blog: WRITE MORE BLOG POSTS! lol I have been majorly slacking on posts and this is something I want to be better at in 2019 – writing atleast 2 blog posts every week. 3 would be ideal, but we will just start with 2 and go from there! I’m also planning out some fun projects that I’ve actually had on my mind for months, but hoping & praying that 2019 is the year for them to come a reality! Stay tuned, friends!

Faith:   Journal every day. Journaling is something that I used to do every day and once I got about half way through college I got super busy and stopped! It helps so much during my prayer & reflection time – I can look back and see what I was praying for a couple of weeks ago or even months ago. It really makes me appreciate even the tiniest blessings. Also, keep a list of prayers and change it/switch it up each week. I think it’s really important to have specific things that you’re praying for and I’ve always wanted to do this!

These are just a few of my goals for 2019 – I have many more, but these are just some that I’m focusing on 🙂 do you set goals for 2019? Let me know what your goals are in the comments! Thank you guys so much for being here – I appreciate you more than you know!




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