Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants

Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants


Spring is near and you know what that means…..plants!!! Everyone is potting plants, planting flowers, and preparing for gardening.  Is there anyone else out there that just gets SUPER happy when you see plants?  Like seriously, when there are plants in a home, store, office, etc. I automatically get about 10x happier! Lol!  It has actually been proven that having plants in any environment increases productivity and efficiency (Does that mean I’ll get more laundry & cleaning done??? ;)).  In this post ‘Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants‘  I just want to show you the many ways that you can make your home into a cozy haven easily using some greens and florals!

Something that I have discovered is that plants can be really easy to keep in your home, but they can also be really hard to take care of.  It definitely matters what type of plant it is and what season you are in.  For a few tips, here is a great blog post I found on taking care of houseplants for beginners.  Just so all know, I definitely am NOT an expert at this…lol.  But I would love to be someday!

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Use Floral Stems

Honestly, I do not think I could ever say that enough.  I absolutely love floral stems and it is SO easy to add them into any single space – the kitchen, living room, bathroom – you name it, you can put a floral stem there!  Here are just a few different options that are neutral enough for any space that I have paired with any of these beautiful vases + pottery!  With floral stems, I have several faux stems that make it much easier to keep and take care of (obviously lol!), but whenever Trader Joe’s has some pretty looking greenery I always pick up some fresh ones!

Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants

Olive branches, cotton stems, lavender, and eucalyptus stems are always wonderful options for around your home year-round! You can get all of these as fresh/dried stems. If you click on any picture it will take you directly to the product. 🙂 Here are some ways to style these lovely stems:

Making Your Home Cozy With Plantspicture by IKEAMaking Your Home Cozier Using Plantspicture by Magnolia MarketMaking Your Home Cozier Using Plantspicture by unkown

Making Your Home Cozier Using Plantspicture by Magnolia Homes

Here are some vases that you can shop using my affiliate link!:

Find Creative Ways to Pot Your Plants

There are sooooo many cozy, creative ways to pot plants!  You don’t just have to use a plain old plant pot (but you definitely can if you want to), & I have rounded up a few of my favorite creative ways to pot plants in your home to add a touch of cozy!

First up, baskets.  I am seriously in loveeee with plants potted/set in baskets.  There is just something so refreshing about it and it’s an easy easy way to add a little creativity to your space! You really can find a basket just about anywhere you go and if you hit Hobby Lobby sales when they are 50% off, you bet my cart would be full of them.

Break Out the BasketsMaking Your Home Cozier Using Plants   Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants

Shop baskets here! : 

Hanging Plants

There are a few different ways to hang plants, my favorite being the macrame plant hanger! Ugh, I am in love & if I didn’t have 10 foot ceilings, no ladder, and live in an apartment – you betcha I’d have these things all over the place! Someday, someday. You can usually buy them single or stacked! I think these plant hangers can make ANY space look cozier.

Click any picture to be taken to the product using my affiliate link!

Here is a simple chained plant hanger that makes a very classy option as well!Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants

‘Plant’ it on the Wall! 

Haha, not really, but kind of!  There are some really cozy ways to put your plants on the walls in your home! The allows the plants to still be in your home, but kind of out of the way – the best of both worlds.

These little succulent holders are perfect to hang in any little spot around your home to brighten things up!  They are super easy to hang & allow the plants to be up and out of the way.  The vintage/galvenized wall planters below are so perfect for a Farmhouse feel!

And my favorite – IKEA’s Fintorp planter….guys, I am seriously in LOVE.  These make the most beautiful wall planters and are reasonably price!

More options for planters! : 

Create a Mini Garden/Herb Garden in Your Home

These little gardens in your home can make things SO cozy & they really have a purpose!  Not only are they perfect for looks (and hopefully productivity ;)), but they also can be used for cooking & a fresh smell!  I seriously think I’m in love.

Making Your Home Cozier Using Plants

picture by fresh mommy blogMaking Your Home Cozier Using Plants

picture by

You can really make these indoor gardens a very pretty piece to look at in your home!  And they serve as double purpose – what’s better than that?!

Shop the indoor garden look here:

And if you want to have an indoor garden, of COURSE you need cute gardening tools and accessories ;).  Here are just a few of my favorites that I have found! If you’re going to garden, why not have pretty things to garden with for more inspiration???

the prettiest watering can to ever be 

Thank y’all for stopping by and reading! This was a super enjoyable post to write & I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!  Comment below with your favorite piece listed above! Mine HAS to be between the macrame hanger & the herb gardens….until next time, loves!

xo, Tristen

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