Leesa Mattress Review: Going Over the Pros & Cons

Hi friends!

Just wanted to start off by saying – it’s FREEZING in Nebraska today! Not just like your normal 32 degrees freezing, I mean a high of 0 degrees….yes, a HIGH of 0! Lol can you believe it?! It’s almost too cold to even take Calum (our Australian Shepherd) outside for a walk! I’ve been trying really hard to stay busy inside with work (what I should always be doing lol), but it has been soooo hard to keep focused!! I have been craving being outside in warmth!

But, to warm up my day I have had a cup of coffee by my side (from my nespresso!) basically all day haha so that has helped. Today I want to share with you something that I’ve been planning to share for awhile now, but also wanted to make sure I was able to have a well-rounded opinion! I’m talking about our Leesa mattress that we got last summer! Leesa Mattresses actually reached out to me & asked if I would try one of their mattresses – I gladly said OF COURSE 🙂 Now that we’ve been using it for about 6 months, I feel like have a pretty good overall idea of the pros & cons of the mattress. Yes, it is comfortable & yes, I would totally recommend it – but, I want to go through some specific details & really get into the positives and the negatives.

Mattress shopping is already hard enough – especially if you have a bad back and need a more high quality mattress! There are just so many options to choose from, but I can tell you that the Leesa mattress is comfortable, easy to set up (& purchase!!), and honestly, the price isn’t bad considering the quality! Below, I’m going to discuss the different pros + cons that coming with being a Leesa mattress owner.

Nathan & I have this exact mattress in a King (side note: if you don’t have a King bed, I highly recommend getting one!). The Leesa mattress is designed with 3 different layers:

  1. Comfort Layer: 2″ LSA200 Foam – makes sure you sleep cool, makes a perfect hug around you, and improves pressure relief for you side sleepers!
  2. Recovery Layer: 2″ Memory Foam – Contours to your body & relieves pressure (my husband noticed his back pressure was gone!)
  3. Support Layer: 6″ Dense Core Foam – supports all body types & sleep positions


  • You can get the Leesa mattress sent to your door without leaving your house. Yes, you heard me right! You can shop, order, and get your mattress without ever having to leave your house! This is actually what we did & the process was sooo smooth. They send you this big box that has the mattress all rolled up in a vacuum sealed bag because it’s made from foam! After you take it out of the box, it expands into a normal mattress 🙂 if you’re skeptical – don’t worry, Leesa offers a 100-day risk free trial! If you’re unhappy with how the mattress sleeps or it just doesn’t work for you, they will actually send a team member to come get it from you. So seriously, you never have to leave your home!
  • It’s very breathable & keeps cool. You’d think that for being a foam mattress it may feel suffocating, but it’s just the opposite! The Leesa mattress is actually very breathable & helps you cool down.
  • It has support, but not too much. Something that I love about the Leesa mattress is that you can feel the support, but also the comfort! It is a little on the firm side, but it also feels like you sink into the mattress (in a really good way!).
  • It’s durable. I truly believe that this mattress will stand the test of time. That’s partially the reason I wanted to wait 6 months before I wrote this post – to see how well it held up! I can gladly say that we cannot tell any time of wear & tear on it after half a year.
  • No motion transfer. This is HUGE & I had no idea it would make such a difference until we got the Leesa mattress! This basically just means that your spouse won’t wake up from you getting out of bed – ever! You can’t feel any motion from your side, which leads to very restful sleep.
  • You can’t beat the price. For the quality of the mattress, you really can’t beat the price! You can get a Queen mattress for under $1,000, I would say that’s pretty affordable compared to other options.


  • It’s more on the firm side. If you’re one that doesn’t do well with any slight firmness in a mattress, the Leesa mattress probably isn’t for you. It is definitely on the firm side, but in a still very soft & comfortable way. I don’t do well on really firm mattresses and I still love the Leesa mattress. It’s worth the try, especially with the 100 day risk-free trial!
  • It’s sometimes hard to roll over or get positioned. Because the Leesa mattress is known to ‘hug’ you, it can be a little tougher to roll or turn over!
  • You may be sore the first few days. Like any new mattress, it takes your body some time to adjust to it! We were sore for probably the first 2-3 days of sleeping on the Leesa mattress while our bodies adjusted to the firmness, hug, etc. – but after that, it’s basically like sleeping on a cloud.
  • There is only 1 model to choose & 1 firmness level. Unfortunately, there really is just one choice of the ‘type’ of bed & the firmness level – you only get to choose what size of mattress you’d like.

Other Leesa Accessories

Along with our King mattress, we also received 1 Leesa pillow, 2 hybrid pillows, and the Leesa blanket – they are ALL amazing products & I’m not kidding. Hands down, the hybrid pillows are the best pillows I’ve ever slept on and the blanket.….so comfortable! The blanket is actually pretty heavy, comparable to a weighted blanket, and also feels like it hugs you. I love it!

Overall, Nathan & I have both been very impressed with the overall quality & comfortability of the Leesa mattress! If you’re okay with a mattress that’s a little on the firm side & the comfiest thing you’ve ever slept on – I would 100% recommend it to someone who is looking for a new mattress!

If you’d like to purchase the Leesa mattress – you can grab it at these places:

Leesa Mattress on Amazon

Leesa Mattress at Pottery Barn

Thanks so much for reading this & trusting me to help you pick out your next mattress! If you have any questions at all about the mattress, don’t ever hesitate to comment on this post or email me. I’d love to help you in any way! If you’d like to keep up with my life on the daily – take a look at my Instagram & Facebook. Until next time!




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