I’m Rebranding: Hello Grace Gathered Girl!!!


I am so excited to finally get to share that I have officially rebranded to….GRACE GATHERED GIRL!!! I have spent so many months thinking about this and about 2-3 months preparing everything to launch. AND IT’S HEREEE! Along with changing my blog name, I also did an entire website refresh & I’m in love!

Even though I just changed 1 word in my name, it’s still a big deal to me and I wanted to celebrate another milestone in my little biz! Let’s talk just a little bit about my name change & the reasoning behind all of it 🙂


2 years ago while we were living in Texas I decided to start an Instagram page sharing some of our home decor, because I needed a creative outlet! I just kind of thought hmm, why not?! I was honestly a little embarrassed about it at first lol I didn’t even tell Nathan I had it until I reached 100 followers (this felt like the real deal lol!!). I came up with the name ‘Grace Gathered Home’ because our lives need grace every single day & I just wanted to showcase that with our home too! Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be yours 🙂 I honestly didn’t have much of a mission behind what I was doing, just sharing something I liked to do – decorating!


1.5 years & I started to go through a little bit of an identity crisis with my blog! Yes, I love home decor, but there is so much more to my life that I wanted to share! My blog and Instagram were starting to be unenjoyable to me and I started to feel stuck in this ‘home decor’ box. I just began praying about what should come next for my blog & I knew it was time to rebrand – a shift in my brand & mission needed to happen!

The last 2 years have also been really crucial in the sense that I’ve been able to build a full-time virtual assistant business helping other bloggers with their social media, as well as building my own brand! Immediately after I graduated from college I went into virtual assisting & working on my blog full-time and it’s something I get asked about almost daily – my rebrand has a lot to do with this too. I’ve just learned so much over the past 2 years & I have definitely felt like I’m meant to share this valuable knowledge with women who want to be full-time creative entrepreneurs like myself!! I have such a passion for encouraging & sparking creativity in the lives of like-minded women!! This entire experience has truly been life changing & I feel SO blessed to be in this position.


I started to feel really stuck in the ‘home decor’ space & I knew that I just had so much more to share with you all! For me to feel confident in this, I just felt like a name change was necessary and I couldn’t be more excited! 🙂 I now feel just so excited introducing new aspects of our life to you guys through my blog & truly sharing what brings me joy every day. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of home decor things, but there will also be some fashion, every day life, & tons of tips & tricks on becoming a creative entrepreneur! My brand finally feels like ME and that’s what I have really been working towards.


Now that I’m switching some things up, you can full expect some different things from me now 🙂

+ Weekly email updates (on my blog, our life, big sales, launches, etc)

+ Variety of blog posts – this opens up an entire new realm of categories!

+ Creative entrepreneur tips & resources

+ Website focused (keeping my website fun!)

I am just SO excited for this big step with my brand & business! Thank you all SO much for being here – I literally couldn’t do it without you all!!!




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