How to Style a Bar Cart

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Man oh man…..SO many crazy things going on in life right now with our big move to Omaha, NE coming up in just 2 short weeks! (kind of freaking out lol.) We have so much to do!!!! But that’s okay, we will get it DONE!

On another exciting note – I am so excited to present to you my thoughts on styling a bar cart!  With warmer weather approaching & summer right in front of us, this is such a gorgeous trend to be jumping on board with!  How many of you have bar carts and use them frequently?  Since about 2016 they have really started becoming a big trend.  For creative & unique ideas on How to Style a Bar Cart keep reading my post!

Here is my guide to styling a bar cart:

How to Style a Bar Cart

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bar cart | letter board | straws | pineapple | bottle opener | cocktail shaker (similar one here)|

whiskey glasses | tray | ice bucket | coupe glasses

When styling a bar cart, you really want to have the necessities + a few extra things for fun (like the quirky pineapple that I added!).  Bar carts are such a fun way to make a celebration just a little more lively and also a way to share your personality & decorating style.  If you take a little time to plan what you’d like on your bar cart, you can really wow your guests with the set-up!

Here are my 5 big tips on How to Style a Bar Cart :

1)  Like I just said, add something a little quirky to your bar cart – for this bar cart, I went with a cute & quirky pineapple that could double as a dish to hold salt for margaritas! Anyone else a margarita gal?! You could choose this item based on a theme or seasonally – either way, you can make it your own & absolutely adorable!

2)  Add a piece of art to your bar cart or something like a letter board. I went with a letter board because I am always seeing hilarious sayings that would work perfectly for a bar cart occasion!  I have also seen pretty paintings set back behind bar carts that just totally tie it all together.  Maybe you want to add some color to your bar cart – use art to make something pop!

3) Set out your prettiest glassware on your bar cart – this will make the cart shine. I always find gold-rimmed glasses are appealing on bar carts.  This set is from Pottery Barn – they go perfectly together, too.

4) Always have an ice bucket available on the cart.  You will always want to have an ice bucket & scoop available for your guests so they don’t have to keep running to the freezer for more ice! Make the convenience factor of the bar cart shine! Loved this ice bucket that I chose!

5)  I didn’t add it to the style board, but adding fresh flowers or a pretty succulent to your bar cart can really add an element of freshness.  And it’s just something pretty to have! I always buy fresh greenery or a small bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s (it’s so cheap!!!).

Here are a few of my favorite bar carts I found while scrolling through my Pinterest! So. Much. Inspo.

How to Style a Bar Cart

bar cart by

How to Style a Bar Cart

picture by

How to Style a Bar Cart

photo by

Ultimately, a bar cart can become something beautiful with some essentials & a few decorative touches! You can totally make a bar cart your own & that is what I truly love about these pieces.  The items that I have listed are ones that I would personally choose to style my bar cart.  What kind of items would you choose? Leave a comment below with your fave from my list or one that you personally love!

Thank you SO much for stopping by to checking out my post on How to Style a Bar Cart.  If you’re loving the bar cart trend, take a look at this blog post for even more inspiration! See you again soon, friends!

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