How I Went From College Grad to Self-Employed Full-Time at 22 Years Old

Hi friends! I am so excited about today’s post – I’m talking about my creative entrepreneur journey a little more in depth today and I couldn’t be more excited to share, as well as hopefully inspire. It has been an adventurous, confusing, and motivating last few years and I am SO excited share!!!

As most of you know, I’m self-employed and run my own business as a freelancer, social media manager, and blogger! Let’s go a few years back to help you understand how all of this worked out 🙂

When I was 18 I set off to go to college at the University of Nebraska-Kearney! I changed major probably 3 times before finally landing on Business Administration, thank goodness that’s where I landed lol. I found business super interesting and funny enough, the year before switching my major I started my own Etsy shop & sold hand-lettered signs and other decor! Now that I look back at all of this I didn’t realize how entrepreneurial I actually was….I was always trying to find ways to make a little extra cash!

Once I switched to business I really had to start thinking about what I actually wanted to do for a career (this continues to be a mystery long after switching) & it’s way harder than it seems! I originally thought about doing real estate for about a year & I actually went through the classes, but realized that I didn’t want to be that tied down to a firm/a job/a place. While we were living in Texas (we lived there right after getting married, my Senior year of college) I really struggled with what was next for me in terms of a career path. We were 21 & 22, newly married, I was trying to finish college classes online as a Senior, I was nannying during the day, and still had NO idea what I was doing….but I 100% knew that I didn’t want to do the 9-5 job thing after graduating. That’s just not how I wanted to live my life! My whole life I have always felt different in that way, like God has opened different opportunities and doors for me than I ever thought possible.

I have always had a big creative side & decided to start a random Instagram page about decorating our apartment! I honestly was kind of embarrassed by it & didn’t want anyone to find it lol! But the page started to grow…and I realized that most of the women I followed with similar pages had a blog to go along with it! So…I started my blog! This is the kicker…..about 3 months AFTER starting my blog I realized people actually make money from this & do it for a LIVING! Like, what?! I thought I had basically found a treasure! I thought, “That is what I’m going to aim to be – a full-time blogger! “..But oh no….lol I soon realized it doesn’t really work that way!

As I started researching this, I realized it takes YEARS to build a blog and a brand. YEARS….that wasn’t going to work in my 6-months ’til college graduation timeline lol. As I kept building my own blog, I realized how much work it was & had an idea – the idea that changed my ENTIRE life! I wondered if other bloggers needed as much help as I did, so I started reaching out to bloggers that I knew were full-time bloggers & asking if they needed a blogger assistant! And to be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time or what being a ‘blogger assistant’ even entailed, but I just took my chance and went for it because I found a problem & I wanted to be the solution!

Come to find out… was actually a big need! In May of 2018 a blogger in Omaha that I had followers for years (you can follow her here :)) took me in & I couldn’t be MORE grateful that she believed in me! From here she connected me with a couple of other bloggers around the U.S. that also needed help, I reached out to a few more, and put my name in some different blogger groups! God is seriously so cool in that way that He provides, even when you have NO idea what you’re doing.

In the few months leading up to graduation I started helping bloggers with Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram regularly and found my groove in offering monthly packages! (This has still worked really well for me to this day :)) I found out that the term was actually called ‘freelancing’, so I was basically a freelance blogger assistant working for myself & doing my own thing! I still can’t believe I figured all of that out lol

3 months after college graduation I was making a full-time salary as a self-employed 22 year old! CRAZY!! To this day I still cannot believe this is my life! I feel so blessed and thankful, especially for my bloggers who have believed in me from the beginning & invest in my services. And shoutout to my husband, Nathan, who supported us, cheered me on, and believed in me (even though neither of us knew what I was doing!! lol!). But we made it work, said lots of prayers, and I honestly just took what opportunities I felt like God was providing me!

So what am I up to now?……sharing everything I’ve ever learned with women who want to do the same! I started an educational membership for creative entrepreneurs where I literally SPILL everything I’ve taught myself! You can JOIN HERE.

Geez, I wrote way more than I thought I would lol! But thank you so much for reading, for supporting, and following my journey! Stay tuned for part 2 on what I’m doing now!




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