Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

The next Gift Guide I have for y’all is the Gift Guide for the Travel Lover!  Woohooo! Honestly, traveling is amazing.  Having so many different parts of the world to explore is an absolute blessing and we all have those close friends or family members who thrive off of traveling!  In this guide I have added guys+girls gifts that I feel like any travel lover should have! Comment your favorites down below! 

1 / All travel lovers needs to travel with a travel accessory & this Kate Spade watch is PERFECT!  Neutral with a pop of pink and navy blue…ahh!

2 / Seriously guys, one of my most favorite things to have around the house and with me when I’m traveling is a sleeping mask and slippers!! This Lauren Conrad set is adorable & an amazing price.  It’s nice to have slippers to travel with, especially in hotel rooms!

3 / Ohhhh luggage tags….so many to choose from and SO many cute ones!  I have a similar one to this and I love it – I always look for it when waiting for my luggage!  I have also seen when people put cute bows on their luggage to be able to find it!

4 / I am absolutely loving this Kate Spade passport holder.  Isn’t traveling even more fun when you have cute travel accessories?!

5 / Staying healthy & hydrated is always important, even when you are on your next vacation!  These Hydro Flask water bottles are perfect for traveling with and just what you need to keep hydrated!

6 / Hard-case suitcases are literally the best thing ever.  This set that I found from Nordstrom is adorable and so reasonably priced for the quality!  I always use my hard-cased suitcases when traveling and they just make things feel more organized (weird, I know, but true) lol!

7 / Makeup bags for traveling are always a good idea to have – I have a specific makeup bag for traveling that I LOVE!  I loved the neutral design on this one, specifically!

8 / Luggage locks are always important to have when you are traveling, especially if you have valuable items in your suitcase or bag.  All you need is something simple like this one!

9 / Whenever I am on a plane or even sitting at the airport, I always love to have headphones with me.  I have these Bose headphones and I love them! They completely block out all sounds, so whether I’m wanting to sleep, read, or work these headphones are perfect!

10 / Guys need luggage tags too, right?! Here is a bit of a manlier one that I found at Target haha! Swiss Gear is a good brand and this is a great deal for a good tag!

11 / Neck pillows are essential for traveling – even in a car!! We have 2 gray neck pillows that we take anywhere we are traveling.

12 / My husband has always liked having nice luggage and bags to travel with – it just makes him feel more professional and organized.  This leather duffel would make the perfect gift if your husband travels a lot for business or just likes to look nice when on the go!

13 / The guy version of hard-cased suitcases!! Seriously guys, you will not regret getting these! We absolutely love them!

14 / And finally, a men’s Harry’s travel kit.  My husband has been using Harry’s razors and other products for a couple years now and LOVES them! This is perfect for any guy to take along with them on their next trip!

Thank you for taking a look at my newest gift guide!! I still have a few more coming. 🙂 Be on the lookout for the His/Hers guides, the Mom/Dad guides, AND the priced guides for any occasion!

Love y’all,

xo, Tristen




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