Fall Farm Girl Necessities

Well, here I am – at the good ‘ol farm again! My husband (Nathan) is out of town for training for his job (well, more like golfing & eating really good food ;)), so I decided to come spend some time with my parents at our family farm.  It’s funny how when you go back to the places you love so much, everything gives leads to a feeling of nostalgia. It’s fall here in Nebraska & this morning it seemed to be in full swing.  Crunchy leaves, autumn breeze, and that beautiful fall sunrise that I always forget to cherish.  I usually post several stories on Instagram while I’m here, so come tag along on my adventures.

It’s funny being at the farm during the fall because everything feels the same as it did just a few years ago.  The harvested cornfields, the smell outside, the fall decor my mom already had set up (so cute). I just love it here during this time of year & I think I definitely missed it after being gone for a year in Houston – we were only able to come back one time in the fall & well, we all know that Texas unfortunately doesn’t have ‘fall’ lol. So, it was definitely missed!

Our family farm is the place I will always refer to as ‘home’ and if you’ve been following me you know that I really am a farm girl at heart – even though I do live in suburbia now, which I love! I love being at the farm in the wide open, enjoying coffee on our porch surrounded by fields & pastures, letting Cal run all over the place (literally he runs through the cornfields lol!!). Nathan & I love coming back here and just taking time to breathe and not have to be around people constantly. Not to say that we don’t love our little home in Omaha, because we really really do, but it’s definitely a blessing for us to get to come back to rural Nebraska to see family!

I also just feel so blessed that my job allows me to have the flexibility to do this – to be able to enjoy time at home with family or enjoy long weekends with my husband..who, by the way, is just the greatest blessing in my life! He works so hard to take care of our little family & I couldn’t be more thankful for him – especially allowing me to build up my career doing what I love most – being creative & helping others be creative as well!

Since I’m at the farm I thought it would be fun to do a ‘Fall Farm Girl’ post for all of my farm + farmhouse girls out there 🙂 I’ve compiled some of the cutest items that I love during the fall season when I’m back at the farm! And just on the daily 🙂 like I said, I’ll always be a farm girl.

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Fall Farm Girl Necessities

Another good post to check out for fall is my Fall Doormats post with allll of the cutest doormats for fall this season – I seriously searched and searched the internet for the cutest mats that I could find! I am pretty pleased.


Later this week (fingers crossed on friday!!) I’ll be doing a post on how to start a blog!! Probably my most requested blog post recently – so definitely stay tuned because I am so excited to share my blogging story + some easy steps to start up your very own blog!  I plan on continuing it & kind of making it a fun blog series for you guys! Also, I’ve been thinking about writing a few posts about Pinterest Management & different tips on using this amazing platform that people so easily overlook! It’s by far the reason that I make any income at all from my blog! You can follow me on Pinterest here.

A new thing I have added to my blog is a ‘SALES‘ tab that I have been updating every week with all of the newest sales happenin’!

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I appreciate each & every one of you and am so happy you are along for the journey! Until next time!




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    Ah! So cute! Love it, I just want all of it! ?


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