Earthy Master Bedroom Refresh Inspiration

I have had this on my to-do list for AWHILE now & that is – putting together our Earthy Master Bedroom Design Inspiration Board! Sooo happy to finally have it finished & I’m literally obsessed with how it turned out. A few reasons why I’m focusing on refreshing out home this year……

  1. Through 2020 we learned that our home is out safe haven. Our safe, refreshing escape from the ‘real world’. When you can’t escape by traveling places – where do you go to get inspired? In our case, we work from home 24/7, so having a safe haven is a MUST!
  2. To feel refreshed & inspired in our spaces. When I think of feeling inspired I think of the Earth, the mountains, the beach – all of those Earthy tones comes to mind & make me feel refreshed!
  3. Honestly – to get back to the basics! I think your eye for design can change over time & mine has definitely been all over the place, especially since Nathan & I have been married! You still want your space to feel kind of feminine, but also masculine, but not too much lol it’s all such a weird balance! This year I want to do a better job of making things neutral & classic and more ‘adult-looking’ if that makes sense lol!

Here it is……:)


A few of my FAVORITE pieces I’m looking at for our master bedroom refresh….

MOUNTAIN WATERCOLOR ART: Okay….I’m so in love with this piece. The mountains have always been a really special place for Nathan & I! We LOVE the mountains, so I wanted to find a piece that reminds us of that!

BEDSIDE MIRRORS: Our master bedroom is actually pretty small, so I think these mirrors will really help brighten up the space!

BLUE PRINT PILLOW: This pillow cover is so simple & earthy! It ties perfectly in with the mountain art & I love it!

I hope this inspires you to refresh your spaces this year! It can really be an inspiring thing & just helps you breathe a little bit more. Follow me over on Instagram for more home updates!

xo, Tristen




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