Tips on Decorating Between the Seasons

tips on decorating between the seasons

  This is kind of a funny season.  You know, where Christmas is over BUT Spring is still suuuuper far away….I don’t know about you, but I seriously struggle with decorating in this season!! Especially being in Houston…where it’s 65 degrees lol.  Do I still keep Christmas decor up?  Can I still use snowflakes in my decor? What about colors?! SO many different things to think about when it comes to decorating between the seasons & I know I’m not the only one who struggles a little bit with this! In this post I am bringing you a little design inspiration for this interim period in hopes that it will guide both you and me. 🙂

I feel that this season should still be about being cozy – still a winter feel.  The items that I have chosen are based on coziness (because who doesn’t like being cozy???), color, & texture!  When I think of winter, I think of a chunky texture – for example, a chunky knit blanket. But when I think of Spring, I think of crisp & clean.  These style boards & products are my attempt to combine the two!  Here are some of my tips on decorating between the seasons!

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For between seasons, you can never go wrong with textured things! I like mixing different textures to give any room in your home a cozy + clean look like we talked about earlier!  The texture from the knit & fringe pillows can easily be mixed with either more texture or a classic pillow like the pin-striped one below.  And cozy blankets ALWAYS add the perfect touch.  Bedding is also something to think about changing up too each season! Here is a post I wrote about some neutral bedding!

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How to Decorate Between the SeasonsHow to Decorate Between the SeasonsHow to Decorate Between the Seasons  

How to Decorate Between the Seasons How to Decorate Between the Seasons How to Decorate Between the Seasons


There is something about florals that just makes me HAPPY!  You know, it has been proven that efficiency is increased when there are plants in the room. (maybe if I add more it will help me get more laundry done?? haha) Florals during the Spring time can be SO gorgeous….and between the seasons, they can be even better – you get to mix and match!  Here is an array of different plants & stems to choose from.  Including the hanging plants with that gorgeous macrame planter hanger – is that not gorgeous???

How to Decorate Between the Seasons

How to Decorate Between the Seasons


Any jars or vases can always add an extra touch to a space! Most of the time you can find them for a pretty decent price, too! I love either a simple big glass jug to put floral stems in or small galvanized buckets or tins to spread around.  There is so much you can do with just the basics!

How to Decorate Between the SeasonsHow to Decorate Between the SeasonsHow to Decorate Between the Seasons


There are so many baskets & wood pieces that you can be adding to your decor right now.  And always!  Both are a perfect neutralizer between and during different seasonal decor.  If you choose a few pieces that are neutral enough you can either keep them up all year round, rotate them around, or take them down whenever you choose!

If you stick to some of these kinds of neutrals, it’s easy to decorate between the seasons!  The hardest part is knowing how much of Christmas or Spring to have up or take down. 🙂 Definitely mix & match these pieces, I’d love to see how y’all use them!  If any of you have any questions on my design opinion or pictures of your home, feel free to contact me here! I would love to hear & see what y’all are up to!

xo, Tristen

tips on decorating between the seasons




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