Current Office Space + New Inspiration

Does anyone else have a space in their home that they have been meaning to organize or update, but you just haven’t gotten to it the last couple of months (okay, 8 months but who’s counting)?  Please tell me I am not the only one out there who does this….lol.  Well for me this space has been our little ‘office’ space in our apartment!  We really don’t have an actual office because we only have 850 sq. feet to work with for our entire home. #apartmentlife — so, our office is just in the corner of our bedroom! Ya’ll, there is a reason you never see our office in pictures….this post is all about our Current Office Space + New Inspiration for a re-designed space!

The more that I look at this space, the more I actually see great potential for it – I just need to design it the right way.

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Current Office Space + New Inspiration

Current Office Space + New Inspiration

As you can see, it is currently just a big jumbled mess.  Random books.  Loose papers (that are probably important).  And dried out highlighters that I still need to throw away.  Let’s just say this space has been neglected & is never used, which is why I would like to put the time into re-designing the space.  Since my blog is becoming such a big part of my life, it would be so nice to have my own space to work & store things!

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Current Office Space + New Inspiration

We really are blessed with the size of our apartment & specifically, THE CEILINGS! My goodness, I had no idea how much of a difference tall ceilings would make until we moved in and got all of out things placed!  They just completely open up the space & everything just seems so much bigger.  So, this leading to the fact that we have tons of wall space to work with for our office!

Current Office Space + New InspirationThe one thing I am totally in love with that we have for this little space is the desk!  It’s from one of the cutest antique stores in my sweet little Nebraska home-town.  The owner of the store completely stripped & re-stained it for FREE & I think it is just the most darling little thing! I have had it for a couple years now and I am so happy we brought it with us to Texas. Current Office Space + New Inspiration

Office Design Inspiration

After putting some time and thought into how I could potentially design the space these are the products and the things that I came up with for maximizing the space! (And to make it pretty ;)).  These are all products that you can get on Amazon! You can shop these looks through the number below the pictures!

Current Office Space + New Inspiration

1/desk/2/shelves/3/books/4/corbels/5/plant/6/mason jars/7/chair/8/wall organizer/9/letter board/10/basket

The products and design that I chose for this space would totally work for what we are needing in an office! I am really loving the floating shelves.  I think they give off such a timeless look! The wall organizer is such a must in this space too….lol.  We just have so many things flying around! And you can never go wrong with having a letter board – am I right?!

Here are some other items that could also work in our space & might be able to work in yours, too 🙂 :


Wall Organizer:

Office Storage:

 Thank you for taking the time to read my post today, friends! I hope this gives you inspiration to re-design that one space in your home that needs a little love!  If you want to keep up with what I’m doing go follow me on Instagram & Facebook!  I would also love it if you came & pinned with me on Pinterest!  And always feel free to email or contact me, I always love to talk to my readers! 🙂
xo, Tristen
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