Coffee Talk No. 6

It has been SO long since I’ve done a coffee talk blog post and if you’re new around here, it’s basically just a life update in the different areas of my life! 🙂 It’s always fun to keep everyone updated & I really want to start making my blog more of a journal, so my readers/followers are more frequently updated 🙂


We have almost been in our house for an entire YEAR! Crazy, right?! I still can’t believe it’s been that long, but we have definitely come a longgg way! We for sure have so much more that we are wanting to do to our house to update it & decorate, but it’s been a slow process! The 2 biggest changes we have made recently are painting our fireplace & getting a dining room table and chairs!!! Let’s see some pictures…

This was the before…SO dark & felt like a dungeon lol

And here is the AFTER!!! Crazy difference! All it took was a can of white paint & a few hours!

White brick painted fireplace with boho modern decor, digital art prints, a plant, and a round mirror.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! We actually use our lower level all the time now because it’s so bright down there now!

White brick painted fireplace with boho modern decor, digital art prints, a plant, and a round mirror.

SOURCES: art prints / round mirror (similar) / vase / floor cushions / basket

We also FINALLY got our dining room table and chairs – thank goodness! After 3 years of marriage!!! lol! We love it and it’s super good quality.

Boho inspired dining room with light wood oak table, leather dining room chairs, round jute table mats, and a large tropical plant!

SOURES: table / chairs


We obviously haven’t been doing a ton of traveling due to COVID, but we did make it to Boulder, CO a few weeks ago! It was so nice to get away & go hiking for a few days. It was a little weird because you did have to wear your mask on the trails if you were passing someone & in town if you were going in somewhere. But other than that, it was beautiful & we missed Colorado! We were supposed to go earlier this Spring for our 3-year anniversary, but that was cancelled due to everything. So glad we got a chance to go 🙂

What to do in Boulder, CO! Hiking in Boulder, Colorado.

We took Calum for his first time to go hiking and he LOVED it! It was so fun to watch him explore the mountains! We definitely can’t wait to go back 🙂

Next week we are actually going on a week-long vacation to Branson, Missouri with Nathan’s fam! So excited, I was there when I was younger (maybe 13 or 14?) and I remember really loving the show we went to & Table Rock lake! Can’t wait for a break!


I have really been praying & thinking so much during this crazy time! It’s definitely tough to understand, but truly, there is only One who understands. I’ve recently been going through the study ‘The Faithful’ & I have really been loving it. I highly recommend it! Another great study is ‘Chase’.


Recently I have REALLY been trying to workout every day – whether or not I actually do that, depends on the day lol! I have been doing Madison Mealy’s quick workouts that you can do from basically anywhere & I love them! Here is an example of one..

I have also been trying to either run 2-3 miles a few days a week or walk 4-5. It just depends how much time I have that day to get in a run or walk! Water intake has been HUGE doing the summer time, so I got this water bottle to help me!

Something else I have been focusing on is switching some of the things in our home out for non-toxic replacements! The more & more I have been reading about all of the chemicals we’re releasing in our home, the more I realize how important it is to have CLEAN products.

I started researching the ingredients that made up this candle & it had soooo many toxic ingredients! SO, I’ve been replacing things slowly with my oils instead. 🙂

Not only are the oils great for non-toxic cleaning, but they are truly life changing in terms of healing! Our bodies LOVE plants! I have recently been using oils to help lower my stress levels, heal scars, and help with my stomach aches! If you’re interested in starting your oils journey, grab a starter kit here: –> I WANT OILS!

Thank y’all so much for catching up with me! It means the WORLD! Hope to see you again soon!




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