Coffee Talk No. 5


Hey guys – It’s Monday & most of you voted for me on my Instagram stories to do a coffee talk on the blog today! If you’re new here my coffee talks just consist of me catching you up on life, what we’ve been up to, what are future travel plans are, and how God’s been moving in my life! 


Wow life has been CRAZY. Crazy good! The last few months have totally flown by & we’ve spent most of it with family & friends! It seems like every weekend we have a new family celebration planned and that’s been my favorite part about being back in Nebraska. Which reminds me, we have officially lived in Omaha for 1 year! Makes me so excited to be back – if you didn’t know, we lived in Houston for a year! 

Nathan and I also recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary on April 22nd! I cannot believe a year has flown by ALREADY! I will say, I think year #2 was so fun, so I can only imagine what year #3 will bring! 

Easter Sunday! 🙂

Something super excited that happened recently is my best friend got ENGAGED! Nathan and I are absolutely SO EXCITED for this and we have been waiting…haha we’ve known for a few months now and we couldn’t be more excited for them! And to have more friends join the married club 🙂

The big thing in our life right now that we’ve been thinking about all the time is BUYING A HOUSE! AHH! Still not for a few more months, but that’s still constantly been at the top of my mind. We’re just waiting for the right timing and to get the down payment built up to where we will feel comfortable!  The market is kind of nuts in Omaha, but I know that God will provide the right house in just the right timing 🙂 I am sooooo excited for house projects and getting to decorate new spaces.  This means more house projects like our Boho Master Bedroom reveal!!


I’ve been loving lots of things lately! 

Dresses & Jumpsuits: I’ve totally been loving allll of the dresses and jumpsuits lately! They are the easiest outfits for spring and summer days. I even have a super casual jumpsuit that I wear around our house to relax in! I LOVE IT!

The Cause Box: Have you ever heard of this? It’s similar to FabFitFun where it’s a subscription, but I love it WAY more because the partner with different charities, so the money the make always goes to a cause!

A little peek at one of the boxes!

Beauty Products!: I wrote an entire blog post on the spring beauty products I am either currently trying or plan to try here.

Different ULTA Beauty makeup picks including tarte lipstick, neutrogena moisturizer, tula skincare, first aid beauty foundation, yesto makeup wipes, and bare minerals blush.


Nathan and I are headed up Rapid City, SD today for his job! And we are going to Mt. Rushmore!!! This is Nathan’s first time ever been there, so I am pumped to show him! It’s just one of those places that you have to go see in person. While we’re here we will also do a few other things like explore Custer State Park. Drive through Bear Country, and may do a cave tour! Have you guys ever been to South Dakota? What are some of your favorite places!? 

This next Friday we are going GLAMPING at a vineyard in Nebraska and I have never been more excited for something! Lol I seriously cannot WAIT!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, so I am so happy we can go – there will be plenty of pictures, don’t worry! 

I’ll definitely be posting our adventures on my stories over on Instagram, so stay tuned!! Have a wonderful Monday, friends!




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