Coffee Talk No. 4

It has definitely been a month (or 3) since I’ve done a coffee talk post! lol My intention was to really do these every couple of weeks, so here’s to a new beginning! I really want to keep you guys updated on what’s just happening & going on in my life, kind of like catching up with an old friend over coffee! So, let’s see….where to begin? 🙂

Well, let’s just start with the month of February….what a whirlwind – where did it even go?! February was full of friends & family, traveling, lots of work & collaborating, SNOW, and some sickness/surgeries….at the very beginning of February Nathan started out the month strong with a horrible ear infection! He actually got the ear infection in January, but it wasn’t over until mid-February. He was also recovering from his wisdom tooth operation, which was very unexpected! Poor guy has had it tough recently! It’s also been snowing in Nebraska like crazy recently. Not just a couple of inches, more like a FEET!! We’ve had lots of play time outside with Cal 🙂

Aren’t they just the cutest?! There is a little area behind our building that Cal loves playing in! Not 100% sure he is supposed to be playing there, but oh well lol
Always smiley 🙂

Nathan has been working soooo hard and traveling quite a bit more for his job lately. He typically doesn’t travel all that often overnight, but he’s had different training seminars recently, which has given me extra time to do A TON of extra projects here & there! My biggest project recently: labeling anything and everything I can in our home with the DYMO Embossed Label Maker. It has been a total organization game changer & makes everything look so pretty, too! See all of the details below for the label maker below this picture:

I labeled a bunch of different jars & added them to our pantry – it’s so easy to see all of my baking supplies now. Also, sooo much easier to get out.
Everything is linked in the LTK app if you follow me!

I’ve also been working on a TOP SECRET project this past month that I announced on my Instagram post last night! I’m selling my presets and they launch THIS FRIDAY! In case you aren’t sure what ‘presets’ are, it’s basically an automated picture editing that is always readily available. That way, you don’t have to edit every picture individually, you just apply the preset to the image you would like to edit! Here is a little before/after of the first one I will be selling! I’m still thinking up a name, so stay tuned – updates will mostly be over in Instagram 🙂

I’ve also been having fun doing collaborations with a couple of different Midwest boutiques, Four Sisters Boutique & Doe A Deer! Four Sisters Boutique is actually here in Omaha and they have the cutest clothes – they sent me a few of their Spring items to try out & I fell in love with everything! They also sent me the cutest little box 🙂 10/10 on presentation!

How precious is this?!

I’ve also really been trying to do a lot of reading recently. One of my best friends came to town in mid-February & suggested I go get a library card and just get books there (through college I kind of forgot that the library wasn’t just a place to have to study lol)! So, I went to our little downtown library here in Papillion (quite adorable actually), got a library card, and picked out some books just in time for all of the snow storms. There is something I missed about reading a physical books, rather than one online or on an iPad/phone! I LOVED the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend. Now I’m moving onto my next book, An American Marriage – I heard it’s supposed to be really good!

I really cannot believe that it’s almost MARCH! We have a few fun things planned for this month including a a trip to Waco, TX (w/ one of my best friends) for me to see another one of my best friends and Nathan running a 10K at the end of March in Colorado! He has been running & training like crazy – I am SO excited to go cheer him on!!! You can keep up with everything happening on the daily on my Instagram 🙂




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