Coffee Talk – NO. 2

the start to our new adventure 🙂

WOAH – sweetest friends, it has been a a bit since I have posted an actual blog post.  I really meant to do these coffee talks every other week, not every other month lol BUT for good reason….it’s been awhile & it’s so good to be BACK! Oh friends, what a crazy, busy, wonderful last couple of months I have had.  Please grab yourself a hot cup (or iced ;)) cup of coffee, a chunky blanket, & come have ‘coffee’ with me to catch up on all things life and learn what’s coming up with the blog in Coffee Talk – NO. 2!

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      Holyyyyy cow guys, so much life has happened since my last coffee talk! As many of you know, Nathan and I moved from Houston, TX to  NEBRASKA!!!! (all the praise hands!) A little back story – we are from Nebraska originally, but moved away for N’s job in June of 2017.  We had an amazing/tough/life-changing experience in Houston and while it was really good for us to get away from our home in Nebraska as newlyweds, we began to feel a pull back home.  We started to really miss our family/close friends back home & totally knew God was hinting at us to start thinking about moving.

A few very interesting things happened within a span of two weeks that essentially allowed us to see that it might be time to begin looking for new job opportunities and a potential way back to Nebraska!  Some of these things included a very unexpected eviction letter, almost $1,000 in incorrect toll fees (yeah, I was freaking out about this one!), & my car getting towed from a parking spot that a construction company needed to get to, but did not try to contact our apartment complex to tell us. lol.

our moving announcement! obviously Calum was excited too 🙂 

As we hit this crazy time in our lives, we couldn’t help but see God moving in everything we were doing.  It all started with a trip back home for Easter.  While we were there, we decided to just reach out to a few different people/companies to start interviewing for some jobs!  We spent the first two days of our trip interviewing and meeting with people for our potential new positions.  We wanted these jobs so so badly.  This is what we had prayed for so hard over the couple of weeks prior to our trip!

Well, needless to say, within a week and a half Nathan had a job as a Sales Representative for a company covering Nebraska and I was offered an assistant position with one of my favorite bloggers ever!  These two opportunities were both so unexpected, but just exactly what we were looking for and needed! And the best part…..we got to move home! After finding out this super exciting news, we had about a week and a half to pack/find a new apartment/stay calm/tell family and friends/stay calm……:) all of the crazy things that happen when you move!  Thankfully, we pulled it off and on April 21st we were officially Nebraskans again – the best part, this was our 1-year anniversary weekend!!! Some people would say that taking on a cross-country move on their anniversary weekend is no celebration, but to us it was a blessing!

Things I had with me during the move:


Life lately has been CRAZY! Here are just a few things that we have had going on:

  1. N & I both starting new jobs
  2. My final college classes & applying for graduation (finally!!!!!)
  3. Unpacking boxes/organizing our apartment
  4. Furniture shopping (this is harder than it sounds!)
  5. Exploring our new area
  6. Planning new blog content
  7. Graduations
  8. Weddings
  9. Birthdays

we shopped for some new furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart! yay!

We moved to Nebraska the second to last weekend of April, it’s now almost the second weekend of June and we still have not spent a weekend at our apartment yet! We have been too busy catching up on missed time with friends and family! I think we might have missed them all just a little….;) okay, maybe a ton! These weekends have been filled with time on the farm, bonfires overlooking the lake, and hours of laughing/catching up/making memories with our favorites.

Nathan feeding the bucket calf on the farm!

summer days on the porch at home:)

We have been able to explore our area a little more recently and are really loving it! We have a sweet little neighborhood behind us where we take our dog (Calum) for walks and it has been so relaxing to be able to have that nearby! In Houston the only safe place to walk Calum around was our parking garage…so, this is a big change for us!

prettiest trees by our new home!


Events: We don’t have a ton of big plans quite yet, but there are several fun events going on in the Omaha area this summer! Starting June 16th, the College World Series will be going on which is a HUGE event for Omaha! Also, my favorite event of all time – Junkstock – is happening June 22nd-24th in Waterloo, NE! This is a small town right outside of Omaha and this is one of the best flea market type festivals I have ever been to.  We bought almost all of our wedding decor from Junkstock and this summer will be my 4th time going! I love it so much! If you’re in the area, I would totally recommend checking it out 🙂 Other than this, we have a couple of weddings coming up & the usual family gatherings!

Travel: From seeing family to seeing friends to heading out to the lake house, our traveling schedule is packed! Even though it isn’t flying or road tripping 12 hours away, we are gone almost every weekend! N and I both work from home around 2-3 days a week, so sometimes we will travel to our weekend destination on a Thursday night and work there on Friday! It’s definitely different and something that we are so so blessed to get to do!  Other than these trips, we are starting to plan a trip to Colorado towards the end of summer 🙂

The Blog: I don’t even know where to begin! Well, first of all, I feel so bad because the blog has been put on the back burner the last couple of months due to moving and really focusing on my last classes before graduating college! (again, yay!!!) But, I have a lot of fun ideas/projects planned for the upcoming months! So, stay tuned sweet friends!  Thank you for supporting me on this crazy journey!

celebrated 22 years of life & Nathan celebrated 23 🙂 

found our new fave brunch place – First Watch!

Thank you so so so much for stopping by and reading what has been going on in our life.  It really does mean the absolute world to me that I even have people who care to read what we are up to! It makes my heart happy and my creative side skip a beat.  SO thankful for you all & please know that you can always email me with any questions or just to even chat! I love to read what you all have to say! If you aren’t already connected with my Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, it is going to be the easiest way to keep up with what I’m doing on the daily! So come on over and introduce yourself 🙂 Until next time!

all my love –

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