Budget-Friendly Bathroom Organization


A collection of some of the best bathroom organization on a budget! Tons of baskets, drawers, and shelves to choose from to organize your bathroom.


Do you ever have those weeks that go by so quickly that you really have no clue what you actually did? Yep, that was me this week! Lol! Guys, I can’t believe that it’s already Friday – where did this week go?! Also, I feel like I started this week in summer and ended in fall! Half of the week Omaha was in the 80s/90s and the other half was in the 60s/70s.  I’m definitely not complaining about it getting a bit cooler because I am super ready for Fall to be here (I’ve been talking a lot about it on Instagram!!)! But I am going to miss the warm summer nights exploring our new city!

I might not remember exactly everything I did this week, but I do know that I tackled a big project that I’ve needed to do for quite some time now – Bathroom Organization! I didn’t do anything huge, like bring in an organization company to help me (I wish!!), but I did stop by our local Homegoods and Target to grab a few items to complete this Easy Bathroom Organization Project!

Simple bathroom storage shelves. Simple bathroom storage and easy organization.

Sometimes bathroom organization or storage items can be SO hard to buy. Like why do I need to spend $23 on a little basket when I could basically just use an old shoe box or something for free (minus the price of the shoes ;))??? But, I will say that having real organization items is very nice, like the hair tools holder that basically changed my life. Now it has been much easier to keep things cleaned up! Before I bought a few organization items, everything was literally just sitting all over the place in our cabinets!

One thing I am really glad that I bought was the white shelf and these plastic white drawers.  The shelf is technically supposed to be used for your kitchen, but I really wanted to be able to create more space at the front of our cabinets!



Simple bathroom storage shelves. Simple bathroom storage and easy organization.

I even ended up buying flat trays to keep in our drawers for the ultimate bathroom organization!  I love these trays that I found, not only because they keep things in order, but also because if something leaks out of a bottle it is so much easier to clean up!

Simple bathroom storage shelves. Simple bathroom storage and easy organization.

The changes that I made to our Bathroom Organization definitely aren’t huge changes, but they are budget-friendly & they work for us! The one thing that helped me with this process was cleaning out the cupboard before I implemented the organization items! I got rid of old bottle of hairspray, lipstick I never used, etc. This helped out SO much!

Like I said before, sometimes it’s so hard to actually buy stuff to organize your home because it seems pointless, but I promise that it will be worth it!  Look for budget-friendly options like what I have found and you will be able to make it work!  Below I have compiled all kinds of bathroom organization options for you to browse and shop – I hope you find something that you can use to help make your space more organized on a budget!

Shop my picks for Bathroom Organization here:


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