Farmhouse Style Baskets

Recently I have had SUCH an obsession with rounded baskets – of all shapes & sizes!  I was specifically looking for one to hold blankets and there were literally so many options that it took me forever to choose one. lol. On this board I have combined a mix of all of my favorite Farmhouse Style Baskets from places like Wayfair, Target, Amazon, and couple of others! The basket that I decided to go with was the large basket #15….it is perfectttt! It can hold about 3 large blankets without looking like it’s totally overflowing haha.  Also, it doesn’t look like a “cheap” basket, even though it kind of was (i will always be a bargain hunter).

I have also had an obsession with baskets used to hold plants – I think that they are just so unique and simple!  They can really add another element to the room!! You can see ideas for potting plants in baskets in my last blog post!

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