5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness this Holiday Season

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed…

Here we are, friends – mine (and many others’) favorite season of the whole entire year – The Holiday Season.  It’s a time filled with joyful family gatherings, the most delicious feasts, & the fullest and most thankful hearts.  It’s a season of giving – a time to time to think of others and use the gift of serving one another that God has blessed us with!  This season always gives me the warmest feeling deep down into my soul.  What could be better than this season of thankfulness and giving?

The hard part about this season is that for some reason, life really seems to pick up speed.  Everyone is busy with their job, preparing for the holidays, on vacation, end-of-the-year deep cleaning, “cold” season (the worst :'(), Christmas shopping, you get the point…this is just a busy season for everyone! And sometimes, it can be reallllllly hard to remember how blessed we are.  I have always felt that this season is not just an important time to remember to be grateful, but also to reflect on your blessings over the year.  It is so important to be grateful for what you have & grateful towards your loved ones – so, this year I am sharing with you all 5 Ways to Show Gratefulness this Holiday Season.


This could be your mom, your neighbor, your bff, the mailman….bake them your favorite apple pie or peach cobbler.  People are ALWAYS thankful for food, always.  And what better way to show someone you are grateful for them than sharing your favorite Holiday Recipe?

(Here is one Apple Pie recipe that I’m going to try this year by one of my fave food bloggers!) :

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

Something that I always appreciate is when people not only tell me that they are thankful for me, but why they are thankful for me.  It just means so much to me when there is a real reason behind it – it can really make a person feel special! Trust me, they will definitely feel appreciative and grateful for you too!

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness(Had to insert a picture of the hubs & I in here ;))

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness


Something that my hometown church does every year is pack and deliver Thanksgiving meals to people who might not be able to leave their home or may not have the funds to make an entire Thanksgiving meal.  It is such a wonderful experience to volunteer for opportunities such as this one within your community or at your church – it really is a humbling experience & makes you extremely grateful and appreciate for what you have.

EventBrite is always a good site to go to for holiday volunteer opportunities within your area!  Either that or your church website if they are hosting some kind of volunteer event!

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

Whether it’s a giant holiday feast or a small, cozy backyard bonfire, people are always appreciative when you host an event.  There is just something about coming together with family & close friends and celebrating the gratefulness you have for one another! Something that I have always dreamt about is hosting family and friends in my own home & this year it’s coming true!  (Wish me luck! haha!!)

Table Setting done by the talented Clare & Grace Designs.  You can see more of my FAVE decor instagrammers and bloggers in my post here.

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

5 Ways to Show Gratefulness

This season is all about gratefulness, thankfulness, and blessings.  Take a few minutes to reflect on your most treasured blessings from the past year or years.  Now make a long list!  I challenge you to share a few of these with someone – someone close to you or even a stranger!  I’ll start you off with a few of my most treasured blessings :

Jesus – who gave up his own life for me on the cross, so that I could live mine out for him.

My husband, Nathan – who leads me, loves me, & laughs with me.  He is the most encouraging & uplifting best friend that I could ever ask for!

Puppies (give me all of them!!) – I absolutely adore my 2 Aussies – they make my days even more exciting & are always there to give me a snuggle and relieve any stress or anxiety.

The season I am in – I am in a really odd, but adventurous and amazing season of rest and I could not be more thankful.  My husband & I are newlyweds from small-town Nebraska living in the giant city if Houston, TX.  As we experience more and more adventures, new experiences, trials, and triumphs, it only grows us stronger, not only as husband & wife, but individually as well.


There you have it, my 5 Ways to Show Gratefulness this Holiday Season.  To keep up with what I’m doing over the holidays & where I get inspiration, you can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest!! Leave a comment below & tell me what way you are going to show gratefulness this season! 


Thank you for stopping by, lovelies!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving & Christmas! Come again soon 🙂


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