5 Passive Income Ideas For Your Creative Business

Happy Thursday, friends!

I have a super fun blog post for my creative business owners/lovers today! If you follow me over on Instagram, then you’ve probably heard of Create & Bloom Club 🙂 it’s my monthly membership for creative entrepreneurs where I teach you everything I know about running a business (I’ve been self-employed since college! Read my journey HERE). And if you’re familiar with Create & Bloom Club or you’re a member, then you know the March course bundle that went live is the Passive Income Playbook! This course is one that I’m so excited about because Passive Income is truly something that can change your life when you take the time to set it up!

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Today I’m going to share 5 passive income ideas to incorporate in any creative business with you!

  • Customizable Templates: This is one that I talk about ALLLL the time in Create & Bloom Club and my members would say so! Creating a customizable template is one of the easiest passive income products to sell! You can easily create these on Canva & sell a shareable/customizable link, so you customers can customize the template to their needs! If you’re needing help creating templates, there is a full tutorial in Create & Bloom Club in our Tool Kit Library.
  • Ebooks or PDFS: Have a specific topic you think you could write an Ebook or PDF guide over? DO IT! Things like social media guides, meal plans, photography how-tos, etc. are amazing ideas for putting together an ebook or PDF & selling it between that $5-$10 range!
  • Online Course: I know these words might sound scary…..but I promise they’re not! Online courses are actually quite easy to make. It’s as easy as putting together a presentation in Canva & filming your screen while talking on Zoom! An online course is a great way to teach something you know while making extra cash!
  • Presets: If you feel like your picture editing skills are top-notch, why not try to sell your editing presets?! Really, ANYONE can sell presets & these can be an easy $5-$30 passive income product!
  • Virtual Workshop: This is something that not a ton of people know about, but you can actual host a workshop as passive income! How is this possible? Record the workshop video ahead of time, promote the workshop, have people sign up, and have the workshop video play at a certain time on a certain day! Win-win!
A blog post sharing different passive income ideas for any business! 5 passive income ideas any creative business owner can create!

For more tips, tutorials, and tools on creative business – Create & Bloom Club is the perfect place for you! The one-stop-shop for creative business education and community – I know you’re going to LOVE it. Thanks for stopping by!

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