5 Non-Toxic Products I Love Having Around Our Home!

Something I haven’t talked a ton about on my blog is my love for healthy living & non-toxic products! You guys wouldn’t BELIEVEEE the amount of toxic chemicals throughout our homes that we don’t even know about…it’s crazy! When I started to really get interested in slowly switching & ditching some products, I started actually paying attention to the products that come into our home. And today I want to share 5 non-toxic products that I love having around our home (& can barely live without!).

Thieves Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Thieves multi purpose cleaner has been a GAME CHANGER for us when it comes to using non-toxic cleaning products! Smells amazing, makes things CLEAN, & is non-toxic! It honestly doesn’t get any better. You can grab it here when you sign up for a starter kit! There is actually a specific ‘Thieves‘ starter kit!

The best non-toxic cleaning supplies you can get! Love the Thieves line from Young Living!

It comes in a concentrated bottle, so you get to make your own DIY cleaner! The bottle lasts forever!! I love having these bottle on hand to make cleaner! And here is the Thieves Bundle to start out with!

Thieves Starter kit bundle with Young Living!

Lemon Oil

I love love love love keeping lemon oil around. Did you know lemon oil is SO good to get tough residue off of surfaces? It’s also so amazing to put in an oil diffuser in the mornings to help wake you up & get a fresh aroma around you! Also, add 1 drop of lemon to your water in the mornings – SO refreshing. It also come in the starter kit 🙂

DIY Sink Scrub

This is seriously the best….I LOVE keeping this DIY sink scrub around our home! It can also double as carpet powder to help refresh your space!

Here’s the recipe:

1/4 capful of Thieves cleaner + 5 drops lemon oil + 1-2 cups of baking soda


Mint Facial Scrub

My FAVE. This facial scrub is exfoliating, minty, and refreshing! I honestly cannot go without it & always have it around! Pair it with 1 drop of Valor oil & it’s the best thing EVER.

Non-toxic skincare! Loving this non-toxic mint skincare scrub.

Wool Dryer Balls

I just grabbed some wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets! Did you guys know that dryer sheets have hundreds of chemicals in them, like what?! We have been using them literally FOREVER! So, I finally ditched them & started to use wool dryer balls with drops of oils instead 🙂 I grabbed these dryer balls from Amazon & have loved them!

Non-toxic wool dryer balls to use to dry your clothes in replace of dryer sheets!

Ready to take on the wellness lifestyle? Take a look at grabbing a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! I promise you it will be a beautiful decision for you and your family. You can grab a kit here –> PREMIUM STARTER KIT

Have any question about our wellness lifestyle?! Head over to my wellness Instagram. 🙂

My 5 favorite non-toxic products to keep around our home! Loving non-toxic cleaning, non-toxic beauty, non-toxic kids products.




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