5 Month Mama + Baby Update

Happy weekend, my friends! I wanted to share a little 5 month mama & Ella update since I haven’t really talked about how we’re doing on my blog!! I really need to sit down & write out her birth story, especially so I have it in writing while it’s still pretty fresh in my mind.

Ella Jane is 5 months old & my heart just can’t take how quickly all of this is going by! I truly cannot believe it! :’) being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me & we’re FINALLY getting into a groove haha. Excited to share how things are going & answer some of your questions!

Month 1: Wow honestly seems like YEARS ago…month one was by far the toughest for me. Recovering from having Ella, figuring out how to be a mama, and just realizing that life is toootally different now (in the best way!!!). Month 1 was blissfully challenging & the sweetest time of my life all at once. Ella didn’t do much during month 1 lol except for stealing our hearts! 😉

Month 2: Definitely better, but still way way harder than right now! lol By month 2 Ella was ready to be entertained and just becoming aware of things! This month we took a trip a trip to Colorado ~ Ella did so great! We went to Breckenridge & Keystone, Colorado to relax and just get out of town!

Month 3: Ella started to have some major strength and hold her head up on her own all the time at this point! The last 2 months Ella did so great with sleeping – she even gave us 8 hour stretches pretty often!

Month 4: We bought a house & MOVED! Ella loves her new home and she finally got her own room. I can’t believe how much she changed between month 4 & month 1 ~ it goes SO fast! Her big personality really started coming out at this point. Lots of babbling, starting to giggle, and so active! Sleep took a bit of a hit when we moved into our new house, but we’re getting there 🙂

Month 5: My favorite month so far….Ella is her own little person! & our little bestie. She has a big personality & smiles almost every minute of the day (unless she’s being shy or hungry). We started a few solids this month & it’s going so well – she LOVES sweet potatoes (one of mommy’s faves!). You can read my post here about the tools we have for feeding! She is so active, constantly reaching for things, & loves playing with all of her toys. She’s obsessed with giraffes lol and really loves being outside!

For my update – I am doing great! I definitely feel fully recovered physically & doing really great mentally/emotionally. Other than getting sad that time is flying by too quickly! The work from home mom life is a balancing act for sure, but I am SO thankful I get to be home with my baby! It is truly so special and I feel super blessed that I could make it work with my business. I worked so hard to get to this point & am so happy I did!

Now to share….a roundup of Ella’s 5 month favorites 🙂 you can shop all of them below with my affiliate links!

Loved getting to update you guys on how things are going with Ella Jane & hope to do the same in the upcoming months! Talk soon! xo, Tristen




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