4 Easy Ways To Get Organized In 2020

You guys!!! Wow wow wow.

I have not written a blog post for A WHILE – probably too long, but I’m just trying to get in the swing of things and get organized for 2020! Can you even believe it’s 2020? lol I’m still kind of in shock!

Today I wanted to share 4 ways to get organized in 2020 and what I’ve been doing to help! Through trial & error, I’ve found a few things that really work to keep me organized on the daily.

Sharing 4 simple ways to help you get organized in 2020 including Google calendar, buying a new planner, set up routines, and buying some organization baskets.

+ Google Calendar: Can I just say that Google Calendar has made my life about 1 million times easier to organize? I have NO IDEA why I haven’t been using this FREE tool until now, but I am so glad I found it! I love it because you can organize your day by the hour (or even 15 minutes!)! I also love the feature to invite people to a conference call/meeting – it makes communication so simple! It really has helped me to break down my day & get focused, especially working from home. It can be easy to get distracted, so if I have a general idea of what my goals are during each hour of the day, I get SO much more done!

+ Buy a new planner: Something that I always love to treat myself to at the beginning of the year is purchasing a brand new planner! It makes me excited to get the new year started, as well as focus on getting organized for the weeks ahead. 🙂 If you’re a blogger, it’s also so important to have a content planner, as well as a daily life planner. Having 2 planners really helps me keep things separated!


+ Set up routines: Routines are something I’m really focusing on in 2020! If you have a really good morning, workout routine, & night routine, it will make things so much easier during your days. I’m really trying to focus in on creating routines for myself, including cleaning routines and meal planning routines!

+ Grab some new organization baskets/bins!: Having baskets around our home to help us keep organized is a game changer. It’s so nice to just be able to toss blankets, shoes, or dog toys into a basket that I have! Below I rounded up a bunch of different baskets for you to shop 🙂

Hope this helps kickstart your new year and get you organized! 🙂 If you’re not following me already, hop on over to my Instagram to follow me on the daily!




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