30 Things To Do While You’re Stuck Inside

What a crazy last few days. It almost seems surreal thinking about everything happening in the world right now, but we have been trying to be as optimistic as possible over here & remember that God is in total control of this situation! With the outbreak of everything happening, so many of you have been transitioning to working from home, extra spring break, online college classes, and even homeschooling your kiddos! Today I wanted to share a list of 30 things to do while we are all stuck at home during this whole thing. 🙂

  1. Clean out your closet & donate the clothes
  2. Start a new book you’ve been wanting to read 
  3. Try watercolor painting 
  4. Go on a long drive to think, pray, breathe
  5. Check in on friends through text or phone call
  6. Extra long quiet/prayer time
  7. Try a new baking recipe 
  8. Learn a new card game 
  9. Declutter your home 
  10. Try creating new, yummy coffee recipes (at home barista!!)
  11. Do at-home work out videos (I love the Sweat app!)
  12. Start watching a new TV series 
  13. Learn a TikTok dance
  14. Make a bucket list
  15. Set up a brand new budget 
  16. Start a FaceTime Bible study with friends 
  17. Give your home a fresh coat of paint (if you have it!)
  18. Learn calligraphy – SO fun!
  19. Organize your kitchen cupboards
  20. Learn a new skill – a few ideas: sewing, new language, social media marketing
  21. Start a journal (or a blog!)
  22. Relax & take a bubble bath
  23. Buy gift cards from local businesses to use later 
  24. Rearrange some furniture in your home 
  25. Spa day – face masks, paint nails, hair treatments, and wine!
  26. Start planing out your outdoor space & make a design board on Canva
  27. CLEAN – wash sheets, wash windows, dust baseboards, wash all bath mats, etc
  28. Declutter your brain & make some lists
  29. Sit outside & read a book or journal 
  30. Meal prep for the upcoming weeks!

I hope you can take a few of these things & have fun with them over the next few weeks! Come over and hang out with me on Instagram to see what we’re up to during the quarantine period. Stay safe & stay home!




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