Using Straw Bags for Decorating

Hi friends! I am SO excited that it’s already Friday again!!! It seems like the weeks just go by too fast now…especially now that it’s summertime!  My summer days have been filled with finishing up summer classes and working on the blog! I have an exciting little post to bring you today….if you follow me on any social media I bet you can guess what it’s about… STRAW BAGS! I have had a big obsession with these things! Not really sure why, but I guess they are just my summer accessory obsession for now! We all have those, right???

We all know that straw bags are obviously a fashion accessory, but what about a home decor piece? For awhile now I have felt like experiencing more with decorating using unique pieces that we already have! I wanted to add some kind of a 3D element to the areas I was decorating! After playing around with how to use them as decor, I found a couple of different ways that I really loved.  Using Straw Bags for Decorating was actually such a fun way to get my creativity flows going!  Keep reading to see how I decorated with my favorite straw bag!

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#1: Using a straw bag as a dining centerpiece or buffet decoration.

It’s really as easy as it sounds! A straw bag can be used as a gorgeous summer centerpiece soooo easily! Just buy a small bunch bunch of flowers to add to it! It’s elegant, charming, and unique! I bought these peonies at Trader Joes for $5 and they have lasted an entire week….it cannot get better than that! The total time that it took me to put this together was about a minute…lol! It’s just kind of a fun way to bring a little summer + florals into a room or…outside! Use this cute centerpiece for a night of outdoor entertainment.  It would be the perfect and easy centerpiece to do in a time crunch!

#2:  Using a straw bag as casual decor.

I love this one! Hang your straw bag over the corner of a chair or hang it on the wall to add a pretty flare to any room.  You can do this in your office, dining room, living room, really anywhere in your home!  Instead of flowers, add a blanket in your bag and make it more of a cozy feel! Decorating your home is all about making it pretty in your eyes – add whatever unique touches you’d like to see in your home!  I think that’s why decorating is so much fun for me.  It’s such a freeing feeling getting to make something your own and that’s what I love about having a home.

Other than straw bags, I have always loved straw baskets too! We use them for blanket/pillow storage, to keep our shoes under control in the entry way, and to keep our laundry area looking organized (even though it still gets out of control lol!).  You can shop some of my favorite straw baskets here:

Straw bags are such a versatile piece, too.  Whether you take them to the beach, to a coffee shop, or use it as a picnic basket – you can always bring it back home and use it to decorate too!


the prettiest $5 peonies I’ve ever bought! 

Here are some of the best straw bags that I have rounded up from all over! All of the bags have great ratings & are some of my faves! I honestly think any kind of bag – size, shape, coloring – would be gorgeous in your home.  I just think that the straw adds such a good texture and neutral color! Click on the pictures to shop it!

Thank you so so much for stopping by and reading how I use straw bags to make our home cozier! Hopefully you can take these little techniques and add your own flare to your home using straw bags! To see more of what I’m doing remember to keep in touch with me through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! This is where I post what I’m doing on the daily! SO thankful for you all! Until next time –

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