1st Trimester Favorites

Finally bringing you a few details from my 1st trimester, now that I’m almost through my 2nd trimester! Lol! Every pregnancy is so different & I wanted to share what worked for me during some of the 1st trimester woes!

We found out about baby E on November 30th right after Thanksgiving! We were so surprised & excited!!! That whole week afterwards I had lots of energy & probably adrenaline lol. But about 2 weeks later I started to feel a little nauseous & once I hit 7 weeks I had full-blown every day, all day nausea….it was SO SO tough for me to adjust to! I had days where I would just lay in bed until 11AM because I was so nauseas. I never actually threw up – but I kind of just felt constantly car sick! I really learned to listen to my body, rest when I needed to, and just take it easy.

I tried to prepare for the nausea by grabbing a few things like ginger chews, gatorade, etc.! Some things worked for me & some didn’t….so I wanted to share a few tips you can try if you’re going through the nauseas part of pregnancy!

1st trimester must haves and favorites during pregnancy!


  1. Protein: Everyone kept telling me to “eat carbs, it will help!” & honestly it only made it worse for me! lol I really had to figure out what worked for my body & the only thing was protein-packed food! Each morning I would eat these protein bars before even getting out of bed. It helped SO much. After this I would eat breakfast & a protein shake around 10AM – I used this protein (it’s pregnancy-safe).
  2. Iced Drinks & Fruit Water: I really couldn’t drink anything that was warm, other than peppermint ginger tea! My Hydroflask was a MUST!!! Not sure I would’ve survived 1st trimester without this lol! I still use it every day! I also loved adding fruit to my water if it just wasn’t tasting the best!
  3. Oils: Ahh can’t express this enough….Peppermint oil, Digize oil, Lemon oil, and Lavender oil were my BEST friends in the 1st trimester! Peppermint & Digize helped me SO much with nausea. Lavender oil really helped me calm down & try to remember that it wouldn’t last forever. Lemon oil was a lifesaver with food aversions! You can get ALL of these oils in an oily starter kit HERE.
  4. Anything Mint: Seriously….ANYTHING minty! Lol I brushed my teeth 3 times/day, chewed mint gum, and drank iced mint tea to try to deter food aversions & nausea! It honestly worked most of the time once I figured it out!
  5. REST: Lay down, relax, take naps, and sleep when your body says so! You are growing a human in less than a year! Your body needs some extra rest 🙂


Hydroflask/YETI: Like I said, having my hydroflask was a HUGE must. I needed super cold water to drink, or else it just tasted awful!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: This blanket was sooo nice and cozy to have when I was having my really bad days. It was definitely something to give me comfort!

AirPods: When I just wanted to relax and listen to a podcast or music, I would throw in my airpods! Super convenient & I’m excited to have these for labor/delivery!

Prenatal: I LOVE my prenatal. I couldn’t recommend it more!!! I started taking it a few months before we got pregnant and I always take it at night! It’s never made me nauseous or anything!

Waiting In Wonder Devotional: The sweetest little devotional to have – I love having this!

I hope this helps you prepare for your sweet baby on the way! This has been the most beautiful process & I see God working every single day! Thanks for stopping by & remember to come hang out over on Instagram.

xo, Tristen




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